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The 3 Most Overrated Artist In Urban Music!!

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lil wayne how to love

Lil Wayne is still chasing the runaway success of his 2008, slightly cross over album, “The Carter III” and for the most part he’s been keeping the pace, collaborating with just about everyone, signing some of the most popular artist in modern music and shifting another 1 million copies of “The Carter IV”…

We love Weezy but he’s unquestionably not what he was in 2008, his popularity has dwindled, his revenue doesn’t have the same potential and he’s not what he was lyrically or commercially even though he is the most recognizable face in hiphop…

His fans gas em up, proclaim he’s the greatest rapper of all time, the greatest rapper alive and his material simply no longer supports that….. We just don’t see his crown anymore…

beyonce 122

Beyonce, Mrs Carter had the industry on it’s knees with her first 3 albums but a series of management changes, image revisions and label politics have severely handicapped her though she STILL proclaims herself Queen, bow down b****, even in light of serious and often overwhelming competition from Rihanna and others..

Few artist had a 2008 like Beyonce! Wayne, Taylor Swift and a few other artist were huge that year but the video for “Single Ladies” broke ground and Beyonce broke the bank, taking in more revenue then any other female in entertainment, topping forbes and redefining her boundaries, redefining where predominantly urban artist can go with there music given the proper tools…

Matthew Knowles and her husband Jay-Z were instrumental in fashioning her crown but bad business, sh**** A&R work and corner cutting have rendered her unworthy… Why is an artist with hundreds of millions of dollars at her disposal stealing concepts and making music videos in dance studios???

Beyonce’s last album shifted less then half the units of the album is succeeded. She had no major hit singles, even though she experienced monster success on the r&b charts. She crossed over in 2008 only to alienated the fans that effort awarded her in 2011.. “4” is arguably her best album but the lack of radio friendly tracks on the project and horrible a&r work threw the public and a few fans for a loop. As a result, it’s her slowest and lowest seller to date..

Despite these pit falls, Beyonce and her fan base continue to support this notion of royalty, of matchlessness even though the numbers haven’t supported that in nearly 6 years.. #overrated

kanye west runaway vid

Mr West is a genius but the loss of his mother, public scrutiny and extreme narcism have changed him, his sound and his music as a whole..

Things begin to really shift once his mother died. “808s & Heartbreak” was a cinematic science project, crazy production, morbid, depressing lyrics and just totally different from the Lauryn Hill esque, hip hop soul we’d grown to love him for…

His most recent album is art but it’s not marketable, it’s not radio friendly, it’s going to be his slowest and lowest seller but he’s proclaimed himself the greatest, compared himself to Michael Jackson and even Steve Jobs in interviews and in the press… He’s doing way too much for his music to have declined so greatly in the last 6 years…

Notice that the greatest successes of these 3 artist was in 2008… All three are amazing but all three are capable of miles more then what they’ve been pushing on there fans lately… They need to step it up or stop talking sh**…

Lil Wayne’s “The Carter 4” To Shift 800-900k First Week!!!

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The Game will likely step aside next week when Lil Wayne‘s “Tha Carter IV” will hit No. 1. It’s expected that the album will sell anywhere from 850,000 to 900,000 copies in its first frame.

Last week’s No. 1, Jay-Z & Kanye West‘s “Watch the Throne,” slides to No. 2 this week with 94,000 (down 47%). The set has shifted 707,000 in its three weeks of release.

Adele‘s “21” also falls one spot — but with a 3% gain — to No. 3, with 82,000. Figure that while the MTV Video Music Awards aired late on Sunday (Aug. 28) night — the final day of the SoundScan tracking week — some of “21’s” 3% gain is owed to her performance on the show and fast reaction from consumers. On the VMAs, she sang the set’s newest U.S. single, “Someone Like You.”

Source: Billboard

YESSSSS!!!! Wayne may end up shifting another one million copies, follow the previous Carters career defining debut! 

Just like that, Wayne crushes Adele, Beyonce, his friend Kanye and rival JayZ with the biggest legitimate debut of 2011! Gaga shifted a million plus copies but did so with the help of Amazon’s .99 promotion #bitchassness

This makes gives Wayne a series claim to baddest muhf**** in the game!!!

Lil Wayne MTV Unplugged, Full Performance!!!

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Lil Wayne Throws Drake Out On His A** After Heated Argument!!!

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Just when you thought the new dynasty called Young Moneywas unbreakable, it seems their run is over before it really got started.

Last night after  a  concert in University, PA,  Drake was kicked out of Young Money after a heated argument with Lil Wayneand Baby.

According to sources, tensions have been fueling for the past 2 months over unpaid royalties and Drake wanting to restructure his contract with Cash Money/Young Money.

Drake who was not on the bill but was apparently there to make a special appearance but  refused to take the stage and all hell broke loose.

According to sources, during the argument,  Drake screamed he was Young Money and if it wasn’t for him, the label would have died while Wayne was locked down.

Weezy apparently became irate  after the statement  and replied, “This the thanks I get… We don’t fuc*ing need you.”

Sources stated that a shoving match pursued before both securities stepped in.

No word yet on how this will turn out because of the paperwork but we’ve seen what happened with Young Buck as 50 shelved him despite having hot material proving sometimes its not about the money but the principal.

Source: HipHipWired

OHHHHH SH*********!!!!!!!!!!! I’d been hearing something was up between them for a while now but I didn’t expect this!

I can see both sides of the argument.. Drake was nothing before Lil Wayne put him on but money is money and unpaid royalties isn’t coo… How they gon have him come out for a show and not pay him???

The label may very well have suffered with Lil Wayne locked up and no Drake to carry the label. At the time, the jury was still out on Nicki Minaj. No one knew what to expect of the album and she would have been the ONLY employee behind the counter had Drake not been signed to Young Money…

It’s a hairy situation and there’s some b****a**ness on both parts but again, money is money and it changes people… When Drake first came out he would have done a free show for his mentor no questions asked but now that’s his charting and everyone wants to work with him he thinks it’s okay to raise his voice at superiors…


Kelly Rowland Reveals “Motivation” Single Art & Video Drop Date!

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Ms Kelly is finally ready to release her official single “Motivation” featuring labelmate Lil Wayne from her forthcoming album. The video will premiere this coming Monday (April 4th) on 106 & Park. “Motivation” is set to hit iTunes on April 12th.

Source: SingersRoom

This is one of the best Kelly Rowland tracks ever. All her other efforts have been decent but nothing’s been strong enough to put her on at radio until now.. The Lil Wayne assisted “Motivation” is gonna lead the promo campaign for Kelly’s new album. She’s gotta good thing here, the video needs to be everything and she needs to follow this single with something just as r&b in order to have a decent debut…

Nicki Minaj “Roman’s Revenge” Official Remix Ft Lil Wayne!!!

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Well…. They slowed it down a lil but and change a few things but I like it. That’s the best verse I’ve heard from Wayne in years, YEARS!!!!! It was everything but the original version featuring Eminem includes to verses from Shady, why didn’t Wayne match that???

Lil Wayne To Release Two New Albums This Year!!!

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Lil Wayne will be droppiing a new project on his birthday entitled “I’m Not A Human Being.”

Dropping on his birthday, Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant told Vibe

“I’m putting out a [Wayne] album called I’m Not A Human Being and I’ll probably drop it on his birthday, September 27.”

The album will serve as a prelude to The Carter IV which is scheduled to be released around November when he’s also scheduled to be released.

Source: HipHopWired

Wow! Two albums back to back, hope he can pull it off! I really haven’t been feeling the bulk of his music lately, haven’t really felt him since early 2009 so he better come hard with these projects!

Lil Wayne & Eminem New Track “No Love”!!!

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FIRE!!!! I love this track!!! Hope they continue to work together!

Lil Wayne Stole “Mrs Officer”???

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Before starting his one year bid in jail, Lil Wayne is seeing his name brought up in court papers once again.

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.’s been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit over his 2008 hit song “Mrs. Officer” from his Carter III album.

Music publishing company The Royalty Network and record producer Darius (Deezle) Harrison claim that they owned the rights to the composition of the song.

Furthermore, Royalty and Harrison say they owned rights to any profits from ring tones, music videos or streaming media.

They filed their claim in a New York court room Wednesday and are seeking $2.5 million damages.

In between dealing with the lawsuit, Wayne is still preparing to start his jail sentence at Riker’s Island.

As previously reported his sentencing was postponed so that he could have a cracked tooth fixed by his dentist.

He’s scheduled to appear in court again March 2.

Source: HipHopWired

Lil Wayne Free Until March!!!

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It looks like Lil Wayne will have some more time to spend with the free world as his sentence has been postponed until March 2.

With the news being announced first from Twitter, reports are stating that the reasoning behind the pushback came as a result of dental surgery that Lil Wayne will have done.

Reports say the rapper has a cracked tooth that needs to be repaired before doing his bid.

Mack Maine made it official when he posted the news over his own Twitter.

“Extension till march 2nd!!!!!” Maine wrote on the social networking site. “Thanx for da prayers LOVE y’all…and Wayne said thanx for da prayers too..ym!!!”

Already trying to leave music while he’s away, the rapper will have more time to play and continue to wrap up projects such as The Carter IV and make sure that the machine behind Young Money keeps rolling forward.

Now, we already knew that he wasn’t about to go in there yet anyway.

Source: HipHopWired

Lil Wayne Already Has 20 Tracks Recorded for the Carter IV!!!

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XY, Wayne’s  engineer, was able to drop a few bread crumbs for fans to follow in regards to the status of the fourth installment of Tha Carter series.

“Of course after Rebirth the Carter 4 is up next, he already has about 20 records for it done already.”

Now for those that recall, the second was the album to bring him into prominence within the Hip Hop regime and the third was able blast him through the door of mainstream and pop, courtesy of “Lollipop”.

Only time will tell which face will show for the fourth time around once Weezy has served his time for the state and returned to reclaim his position again in rap.

In additional Lil Wayne news, New Orleans’ finest is also in talks to drop his own signature headphones produced by Live Nation. The headphones will retail for around $20.

Source: HipHopWired

The next Carter is what I’m waiting for!!! The rock album is gonna be cool I’m sure but the true HipHop material is what the game is waiting for!

“We Are Young Money” Album Preview!!!


Preview the album before it hits the shelves December 21st, click the album art for snippets via!!!

Lil Wayne Reveals “Rebirth” Album Art & Track Listing!!!

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Awwww yes!!!! I’m so ready to hear what this “Rock” project is going to sound like! It’s been pushed back 40 times and enough is enough! Peep the track list below:

1. American Star

2. Prom Queen

3. Ground Zero

4. Da Da Da

5. Paradise

6. Get A Life

7. On Fire

8. Drop The World

9. Runnin

10. One Way Trip

11. Knockout

12. The Price Is Wrong

Source: HipHopWird

Lil Wayne Announces “Rebirth” Release Date!!!

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wayne rebirth

Before Wayne does his bid in jail for those infamous gun charges he’ll be releasing his debut rock album, Rebirth.

As previously reported, Wayne hinted that the album would be a double disc with his Young Money home team.  Now official details have hit the net for people ready to “rock out” with Wayne and give his latest project a chance.

According to Billboard , Wayne’s rock debut will hit stores December 15. The final product will come as a double-disc with his Young Money family’s We Are Young Money debut album.

Rebirth will feature production from Cool and Dre and Develop along with guest appearances from emo rock band Fall Out Boy as well as Lenny Kravitz and Travis Barker.  Most tracks are said to feature Wayne on vocals and “playing” his guitar.

So who’s rocking out with Wayne and buying Rebirth? Not me!  Sorry Weezy…

Source: HipHopWired

Chris Brown “I Can Transform Ya” Official Video Featuring Lil Wayne!!!

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chris new vid

Awwww, yes. Mr Brown returns with a pretty decent track and video to set it off! Only time will tell if he has been forgiven by the commercial audience….

TrueClefMusic’s Official Best Rappers of 2009 List!!!

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blue print 3paper trail album art808s and heartbreak

It goes without question. Hiphop has definitely become the beating heart of pop culture, crossing racial and cultural lines to be a commercial force that can sell almost any product!

2009 had 4 or 5 standout MCs that deserve a lot of recognition and a little love from the True! Let’s go!


The Hov came out of nowhere with an album that slays everyone’s latest project. He currently has two top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 and is just getting started with this promo campaign. “Empire State of Mind” has become New York’s anthem and many fire singles are to come from “The Blueprint 3”! He also established a new label home under “RocNation” a joint venture with LiveNation under Sony or Epic.

kanye west tcmlist

Kanye West  is unquestionably the rapper of 2009. He featured and produced for everybody, his verses on “Knock You Down” and “Run This Town” are career defining and he has truly crossed over with “808s & Heartbreak”, a science project that proved the Chicago MC’s fortitude. He has gone where no other rapper has gone before him.

lil wayne tcmlist

Lil Wayne was everywhere this year. Still promoting the best selling album of 2008, “The Carter III”, touring, performing and signing new artist left and right. He’s a jewel and proved to be more then the cookie cutter hiphop artist on his critically praised 3rd Carter… His new album “Rebirth” will be arriving soon. I expect great things from this one!

t.i tcmlist

T.I, though he’s he locked up for a while, I can’t forget of disregard his chart dominance, second only to The Black Eyed Peas. “Live Your Life” and “Whatever You Like” held back all but Queen B from Billboard’s pinnacle. T.I has come full circle to be a commercial success and one of the most respected rappers in the game.

drake tcmlist

Drake, Toronto’s finest seemingly came out of nowhere with a mixtape that rivaled label promoted albums for hiphip’s best. “Best I Ever Had”, “Successful” and “November 18th” have made the young artist one of the most praised MCs of our time and landed him a deal under Lil Wayne’s “Yung Money” umbrella. Few new artist are so respected…

Lil Wayne SLAYS Gucci Mane for making Best Rapper List over Eminem!!!

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lil wayne slays gucci mane

I think it’s RI-GODDAMN-DICULOUS of MTV to put together a best anything list and include Gucci Mane. Eminem being left off the list is completely disrespectful. Drake placing at #3 before Kanye is ALSO disrespectful… Someone please find a chair for MTV to sit in…

Drake ft Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem-Forever Music Video


drake forever

I didn’t think there would be a video for this track but the song is being featured in a doc that followings the life and career of NBA titan, LeBron James. It’s called ” More than A Game”!!!This video is hott and the song is even hotter!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Drake ft Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Emin…“, posted with vodpod

Wayne SLAYS Billboard’s Top HipHop Concert List, Grossing $42 Million!!!

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wayne slays the gross

Weezy F. Baby has topped the charts again. This time it’s for having the highest grossing Hip-Hop tour of the year. According to Billboard, seventy-eight Lil Wayne headlining arena and amphitheater concerts in North America from Dec. 14, 2008, through Sept. 6, 2009, grossed approximately $42 million and drew nearly 804,000 fans.

“It’s definitely one of the biggest in the last couple of years,” stated Lil Wayne tour producer and tour business manager Shawn Gee. Noting that Haymon Events/Live Nation was the exclusive tour promoter for all of the shows, he added, “Our plan was to prove that Wayne was a viable headlining arena artist.”

Also according to Billboard, Wayne’s tour is the most lucrative they’ve ever tracked. Number 2 was Hova and Mary J. Blige’s tour, which grossed $34.6 million and drew 310,694 fans in 28 shows. Kanye West’s 2008 “Glow In the Dark” tour comes in third, having pulled in $30.8 million from 49 concerts that attracted 507,853 fans.

The tours were in support of Lil Wanye’s 2008 album, Tha Carter III, which has sold 3.2 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The rapper’s oft-delayed next album, Rebirth, is due Nov. 24.

Source: HipHopWired

Lil Wayne & Bow Wow New Film “Hurricane Season”!

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wayne and bow

Hurricane Season, the upcoming film starring Lil’ Wayne and Bow Wow is now scheduled to hit theatres by the end of the year.  The film which has already been shot was heading to DVD after the Weinstein Company, the producers of the film, became financially strapped.  However due to box office numbers scored by Inglorious Bastards, $140 million, the Weinstein Company, which also backed that film, got their money right.

The film also stars Forrest Whitaker, Isaiah Washington, Taraji P. Henson, Courtney B. Vance and Jackie Long.  Following the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina, the film centers around a New Orleans basketball coach who assembles a disparate team of players from those left behind and those who held out against the flood. In this story based on true events, coach Al Collins (Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker) – a devoted husband and father driven by past failures and a consuming desire to win – empowers his team to ‘never say die’ as they fight their way to the state championship.

Source: HipHopWired

The header may sound like a cheap made for TV movie but it sounds like it may actually be good. You know Wayne isn’t going to misrepresent New Orleans… I’mma go see it!