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The 4 Most influential Women In UrBan Music!

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Beyonce, the “Queen” the brilliant, un-matched performer. Her voice, her stage presence and her beauty are know the world over but not all of us are stans. I for one see the cracks, the flaws that every artist has.. They aren’t huge but she could really have a problem if her next studio effort doesn’t at least match 2008’s “I Am”. She’s going to face creative battles with her label and her management team, both trying to ensure her future.

Shortly before her last album album dropped, she terminated her long time manager and father, Matthew Knowles. I and most of the music world were horrified, with good reason. Consequently a genius, masterpiece of an album was squandered and almost went unheard by the public but to be perfectly honest, she couldn’t have recorded a better album last year. “4” is a triumph but this game is full of artist that make great music and don’t know how to market it.

Despite all this, she’s is unquestionably one of the most recognizable faces/voices in urban music! Good luck on the new album B!

Nicki, oh Nicki! She’s so much more then r&b/hiphop, blurring the lines between those genres and pop music,  Nicki is a commercial force, touring with Britney Spears and adding Madonna to her list of collaborators. It doesn’t get anymore official then the Harajuku Barbie, who seems to have everyone who matters stamp of approval!

“Pink Friday” was one of the biggest successes of 2011, shifting millions of copies and producing just as many top 20 singles as the next girl. She’s gone way beyond any other female rapper, charting with the best, Rihanna, Katy, Britney!

Nicki is no doubt one of the biggest females in urban music, perhaps it’s most colorful character! With a new album coming in March, will get to see what she’s really made of. If “Stupid Hoe” is any indication of what’s to come, the fans should be elated!

Mariah Carey, Billboard’s reigning Queen. She’s been doing this for more then 20 years and at 41, she’s the most seasoned diva on the list. She founded r&B/hiphop in 1997 with “Honey” and her “Butterfly” album, a genre that so many artist, not just the other women on this list have relished in!

Mariah’s new album is coming this year and I can only hope it’s as triumphant and groundbreaking as 2009’s “Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel”,  arguably her best studio effort via Def Jam. Unfortunately Mimi’s has begun to relic, not by her own design though.

The suites pulling the strings and making the decisions totally stifled “Memoirs” which would have been just as big or bigger then 2005’s “The Emancipation of Mimi” had some smarter, more obvious choices been made. The album is crammed with r&b DIAMONDS, some of the best recordings of Mariah’s career thus far but aside from “Obsessed”, the material was never really heard..

This new album is either going to return her to absolute prominence of further relic one of the most prolific, popular and successful divas to ever enter the studio. Good luck Mimi!

The diva no one saw coming! Rihanna is a beast, the product of careful planning and a nearly PERFECT team, an EXCELLENT team!

Jay-Z’ brainchild & Def Jam’s most prized possession is breaking records at radio and Billboard set by artist like Madonna, Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder, carving her name on the walls of music history along side those that came before her. 

In just 7 years she’s earned 11 number one singles and ascended to a plateau that only one other women on this list is capable. Rihanna’s recorded an album every year since her debut and her work ethic has paid of, ultimately making her the most prolific and popular artist featured in this article. 


Monica “Anything (To Find You)” Video Behind The Scenes!!!

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The new album will be on shelves 11.8.11 and follows 2010’s “Still Standing”, one of the best r&B albums in recent memory! I’m really anxious to see what she’e been working on and i’m hoping this time J Records pump more promo dollars into the project. 

The last album only had 2 singles promoted with videos, which is ridiculous given that the album was littered with single choices. “Here I Am” would have been one of her biggest records but the label squandered the material…. Same thing happen to Mariah back in 2009… 

The official video is set to premiere Monday!

Beyonce “4” First Week Numbers!!!

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Yes!!! The official projections are in and it looks like “4” is going to shift 175-300k by Tuesday!

This number is significantly less then 2008’s “I Am Sasha Fierce” but the new album is missing a runaway hit single like “Single Ladies” and “Crazy In Love”.. The album is EPIC!

Beyonce did the work in the studio but this new management is a**, she’s doing alot on her own and as a result the album is being completely mis-handled. This album will fall off the charts in a couple months if she doesn’t make a move, release the video for “Best Thing I Never Had” and get some high profile, amazing performances scheduled! The people need to hear this album but they’ll miss it just like they missed Mariah’s “Memoirs” if the label doesn’t step in and handle up!

There’s nothing I hate more then wasted music!

Mariah Opens Up About The Twins & Becoming A Mother!

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Celebrity couple, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, have been doing a very good job of staying out of the public eye lately. In one of the first times since the birth of their twins, Monroe and Moroccan, Carey is opening up about her new life. 

The iconic singer admits to OK! Magazine that motherhood is no easy task, especially when you are the mother of twins. “I feel like, in a lot of ways, children come into the world to teach us,” she says. 

Meanwhile, first-time father, Cannon is said to be a natural when it comes to the children. Carey expresses, “He already has this natural talent with children – they take to him right away. He’s so nurturing, loving and fun. He definitely will be a hands-on Dad.” 

In an effort to keep their twins from becoming jaded by their celebrity, the couple is determined to provide their children with a balanced lifestyle. Carey says, “It’s going to be a delicate balance between raising them around glitz and glamour and keeping them grounded.” 

What about those semi-controversial nude pregnancy photos Carey posed for shortly before the arrival of the twins? The songstress reveals that while the pictures made her look confident and in-charge with her baby bump, she was slightly reluctant about the shoot. 

She tells the magazine, “I felt very vulnerable about taking the nude pregnancy pictures, but then I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to document a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” Carey went on to say, “My ultimate goal was to share that incredibly personal moment with my true fans.” 

It is expected that as the two settle in to their new roles as mother and father they will once again return to the public eye. For now however, they are said to be quite comfortable keeping their twins away from the frenzied media and paparazzi – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Source: SingersRoom

I know motherhood is a HUGE challenge for Mimi, she’s totally nocturnal, is barely awake during the day at all and I’m SURE that had to change given the arrival of “them babies” lol. Nick looks like he’d be a natural, he a big kid his damn self lol.

Mariah’s got an album coming up, perhaps her last one via Def Jam, we’ll see how long it takes her to torch all that baby fat and get back 100! I’m soooooo ready for new music, 2009’s “Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel” is one of her best albums to date. If you don’t have it COP IT IMMEDIATELY!

I’m hoping some of those vocals she displayed on her revamped Christmas album and pon her NBC Christmas special make it onto the new project. Luv u Mimi 🙂 #WeSomeLambsOverHere

2011 Billboard Awards: Noted Performances From Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney Spears & Nicki!!!


Great performance, Beyonce stole the show, unfortunately she stole the Billboard Millenium award as well. She doesn’t deserve that award but I know she didn’t ask for it so I’m not gonna come for her too much. I did post a video about it on my facebook and youtube pages….

Great show this year!!!

Happy Birthday Mariah!!!

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I’m late but I LOVE MARIAH CAREY and her music. She’s the catalyst for my love and devotion to music and this website. She’s an inspiration, a icon, a legend and her music has sheltered and comforted me so many times through all sorts of circumstances in my life. I love her so much and I’m so grateful to her for her gift!

Mariah Working With Nicki On New Album!!!

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Yep! Mariah’s got one more album via her Def Jam contract and is looking to recapture the playful sexiness of 2010’s “Up Out My Face”, the song was a r&B radio hit and the most popular single from the album, aside from the platinum selling “Obsessed”.

Mariah’s back in the studio with Jermaine Dupre, Big Jim Wright and others. I really hope to see her work with The Dream & Tricky Stewart on this album also because they did such an amazing job on “Memoir of An Imperfect Angel”. That album didn’t sell like it should have due 98% in part to Def Jam foolery and empty-headed A&R work.

Mariah’s refreshed Christmas album featured some of the best Mimi vocals showcased since 2001’s “Glitter” soundtrack. She went IN and I’m hoping she’ll employ some of those big vocals for the forthcoming album.

Mariah’s rumored to be moving to Sony with L.A Reid in 2012. If so, the success of the new album will determine her leverage in contract degotiations with Sony and the dollar amount of the agreement.