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Mariah in the studio with Big Jim Wright!!!!

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Big Jim Wright worked with Mariah on tracks like “Circles” “Bliss” “I wish you Knew” “Fly Like A Bird” and “Lead The Way”… His return to the studio with M means tracks like these on her 2009 album code name “MC3”. Byran Michael Cox who produced “I Stay In Love” and “For the Record” will also be scheduling some studio sessions with the diva

Some interesting twitter post from Jermaine Dupre also suggest that he’s been in the studio with her working on a song called “100 Percent”. Dupre did most of the production on E=MC2, her underwhelming but platinum 2009 release… 

I want her to work with Kanye too “Stay The Night”. Can’t wait for this new album!!!

If you don’t know already: Trueclefmusic cuts for Mariah Carey above almost any other artist. Expect more post in the future reporting random MC3 album updates. I love her!