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Monica Announces 11.8.11 Release Date For “New Life” Album!!!

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Grammy winning songstress Monica recently revealed a November 8th street date for her 7th studio album ‘New Life.’ With production from the likes of Missy Elliot and Polow Da Don, the set is lead by the first single “Anything (to Find You,” which the R&B diva just shot a video for. 

On ‘New Life,’ Monica plans to re-visit the early part of her career, including 1995 single, “Why I Love You So Much,” to capture the feeling and sincerity for her new music. The project will also creatively reflect the musical, professional and personal growth Monica has recently experienced, including being a mother of two and new wife of L.A. Lakers star, Shannon Brown. 

“This is a new life for me,” Monica tells HipHollywood. “It’s not just the title of the CD, it’s really the place that me, my kids, all of us are at.” 

Monica previously stated that fans should expect “about a lot of different subjects, whether it’s love, heartache, happiness, family.” 

Source: HipHopWired

I can’t wait for the new album! 

2010’s, “Still Standing” is one of the best r&b albums in recent memory, so of course I have some pretty high expectations for the follow up. 

The single does hark back to the OG Monica, love her!

Monica’s Next Single “Here I Am”!!!

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Yessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Monica’s finna really slay the game, “Here I Am” is gonna solidify her claim to the baddest chick on J Records! At this point she is serious competition for her label mates, Alicia Keys, Jazmine Sullivan & Leona Lewis. Her album is one of the most listenable and well written I’ve heard in a very long time and “Here I Am” is the best song on the project but she’s got plenty of options for single #3!

Sooooo proud of her, can’t wait to see the new video!

Peep an interview with Monica talking about the album below:

Top Female R&B Albums In Recent Memory!!!

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There are many great r&b albums out there with a lot to give but some stand head and shoulders above the rest. A good album is comprised of music that is listenable, well written, produced, and sung. Names like Maxwell and Jamie Foxx come to find but I’m not going to be talking about the boys.. It’s the females that really give it to me, vocally at least.

I have carefully chosen 3 albums that have been released roughly in the last 2 years. Here’s what I came up with, from least to greatest.

At the time, I thought this was the best female r&b effort since Mariah’s “The Emancipation of Mimi”. Keri’s debut is incredibly well produced and written! That’s where she got her 5’s, the 5’s that pushed her review to a 4.50 overall.

The album was listenable but the vocals aren’t as stellar as I needed them to be. She’s a good singer but doesn’t possess as much range or versatility as the other 2 women on this list.

This album completely surprised me!!! Monica came hard with a strong and extremely listenable r&b album that has become a bridge between Ms Keri and my #1 choice. Her album is more listenable then “In A Perfect World” and better sung. Monica’s voice is just as crisp as it was when she debuted in the mid 1990s. This album came out a few weeks ago, if you don’t have it, COP IT IMMEDIATELY, she did the damn thing!

This album is by far the best female r&b effort in recent memory, with vocals and listenability that sore high above the other two projects presented here. The production and writing are on point and this is perhaps Mariah’s best Def Jam release to date…perhaps better then “The Emancipation of Mimi”.. COP IT IMMEDIATELY!!!

Written By RJ DaMonarch

April 14th, 2010

Monica “Still Standing” Full Album Review!!!

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Yessssssssssss!!!!! I was really surprised at her, listenable and well written. This is one of the best female r&b efforts since Keri Hilson’s “In A Perfect World”!


1. Still Standing

2. One In A LifeTime

3. Stay Or Go

4. Everything To Me

5. If You Were My Man

6. Mirror

7. Here I Am

8. SuperMan

9. Lover All Over Me

10. Believing In Me

The pink tracks are the one’s that made it to the iPod, more then half of the songs on the album! I’m very impressed with her and I’d imagine Clive Davis and J Record’s execs are just as pleased.

Vocals: 4

Production: 4

Writing: 5

Listenability: 5

TrueClefMusic Rating: 4.50

With “Still Standing”, Monica’s earned her place amongst J’s extremely talented female lineup. Alicia Keys, Jazmine Sullivan, Leona Lewis and others. COP IT IMMEDIATELY

Monica “Still Standing” Album In Stores!!!

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Yessss!!!!! I heard it was the business but waited way to late to cop it. I can’t find it anywhere, don’t wanna buy it on iTunes because I’m the type that likes to flip through album art u kno. I guess I’ll guess I’ll just wait for next week’s shipment 😦

Monica “Everything To Me” Official Video!!!

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jamie and bet awards

Okay, now let me break it all down.

I thought it was amazing and very brave of Ms Jackson to address us so soon, almost in tears, an icon herself. Pray for the Jackson family, R.I.P Michael.

They should have flew Mariah and Trey Lorenz in for that “I’ll Be There” tribute, Jamie was all over the place, though Ne-Yo did his best to make up for it…

So….Beyonce was a mess for that boring a**, lame a**, almost unacceptable for the Grammy Awards even performance. If she really wanted to pay homage to the king of pop she should have torn that stage to shreds like he would have done, come on B.

Keyshia looked amazing but that song is trash! Even with Monica… They perform well together though.

Keri, I love you but it was kinda wack. She was doing WAY too much for me! We love MJ too bu you were cuttin up for those sox!

Why does Ciara INSISTTTTTT on singing live???????? Damn!

Drake and Young Money KILLED it! Very good!

Jay-Z had the best performance of the night, D.O.A sounds soooooo much better live then it does on wax, The Hov slayed this evening!

All in all, I was pretty disappointed with the show but I know MJ passing away threw a monkey wrench in program, it all seemed a lil last minute but they only had about 3 days so I’m not gon trip. I think Mike would be proud

Here are the nights big winners:

Best Male Athlete – LeBron James 
Best Male Hip Hop – Lil Wayne 
Best Female Hip Hop – M.I.A. 
Best Collaboration – Jamie Foxx ft T-Pain 
Best Male R&B Artist – Ne-Yo 
Best Actress – Taraji P. Henson 
Best Actor Will Smith 
Best New Artist – Keri Hilson 
Best Female R&B Artist – Beyonce 
Video of the Year – Beyonce, for Single Ladies 
Viewer’s Choice Award – T.I. ft Rihanna (Live your Life) 
Humanitarian Award – Alicia Keys and Wyclef Jean 
Lifetime Achievement Award – The O’Jays 
Lifetime Achievement Award – The O’Jays 
Humanitarian Award – Alicia Keys & Wyclef Jean