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Nicki Minaj Opens Up About Chris Brown & Drake’s Beef!! (VIDEO)

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Well… Of course she’s going to be diplomatic and not say anything negative about either party but it’s clear whose side she’s on and no one can blame her for that. She owed a lot to Drake, Wayne and YoungMoney.. No one’s admitting to any wrong doing, blaming the entourages but I heard these 2 had to be PULLED off each other! When there’s this much money floating around ppl change there stories, club owners do as there told and reporters can be paid to make a situation look a certain way to the public.. Chris is on probation, a public altercation with ANYONE would have landed him in jail… A mess!

RapUp Magazine reports the following:

When it comes to rivalries, Young Money’s First Lady remains loyal to her team. During an interview with Tim Westwood, Nicki Minaj shared her thoughts on the beef between her labelmate Drake and collaborator Chris Brown.

“Young Money till the death of me,” said the “Beez in the Trap” rapper when asked about the headline-making brawl, while adding, “I don’t approve of doing things that aren’t conducive to an amazing career.”

She shared details of the conversation she had with Drizzy. “I spoke to Drake and I told him from the bottom of my heart how I felt,” she continued. “I’m like, ‘Baby, you are a superstar and I need you to realize that.’ He did nothing wrong, of course, and rumors are rumors and that’s what it is, but I told him it’s time to remember who you are.”

She advised him to walk away next time. “Sometimes you might need to go to bed, have an early nap. Go to the hotel. There’s nothing wrong with that. I do it all the God damn time.”

In addition to addressing the beef, Nicki revealed that she has collaborated with 2 Chainz on a new song, likely to appear on his Def Jam debut Based on a T.R.U. Story. “It’s called ‘I Love…’ and it’s two more words and I’m not gonna say it,” teased the hip-hop diva, who has added the rapper to the U.S. leg of her “Pink Friday” tour.