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The 4 Most influential Women In UrBan Music!

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Beyonce, the “Queen” the brilliant, un-matched performer. Her voice, her stage presence and her beauty are know the world over but not all of us are stans. I for one see the cracks, the flaws that every artist has.. They aren’t huge but she could really have a problem if her next studio effort doesn’t at least match 2008’s “I Am”. She’s going to face creative battles with her label and her management team, both trying to ensure her future.

Shortly before her last album album dropped, she terminated her long time manager and father, Matthew Knowles. I and most of the music world were horrified, with good reason. Consequently a genius, masterpiece of an album was squandered and almost went unheard by the public but to be perfectly honest, she couldn’t have recorded a better album last year. “4” is a triumph but this game is full of artist that make great music and don’t know how to market it.

Despite all this, she’s is unquestionably one of the most recognizable faces/voices in urban music! Good luck on the new album B!

Nicki, oh Nicki! She’s so much more then r&b/hiphop, blurring the lines between those genres and pop music,  Nicki is a commercial force, touring with Britney Spears and adding Madonna to her list of collaborators. It doesn’t get anymore official then the Harajuku Barbie, who seems to have everyone who matters stamp of approval!

“Pink Friday” was one of the biggest successes of 2011, shifting millions of copies and producing just as many top 20 singles as the next girl. She’s gone way beyond any other female rapper, charting with the best, Rihanna, Katy, Britney!

Nicki is no doubt one of the biggest females in urban music, perhaps it’s most colorful character! With a new album coming in March, will get to see what she’s really made of. If “Stupid Hoe” is any indication of what’s to come, the fans should be elated!

Mariah Carey, Billboard’s reigning Queen. She’s been doing this for more then 20 years and at 41, she’s the most seasoned diva on the list. She founded r&B/hiphop in 1997 with “Honey” and her “Butterfly” album, a genre that so many artist, not just the other women on this list have relished in!

Mariah’s new album is coming this year and I can only hope it’s as triumphant and groundbreaking as 2009’s “Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel”,  arguably her best studio effort via Def Jam. Unfortunately Mimi’s has begun to relic, not by her own design though.

The suites pulling the strings and making the decisions totally stifled “Memoirs” which would have been just as big or bigger then 2005’s “The Emancipation of Mimi” had some smarter, more obvious choices been made. The album is crammed with r&b DIAMONDS, some of the best recordings of Mariah’s career thus far but aside from “Obsessed”, the material was never really heard..

This new album is either going to return her to absolute prominence of further relic one of the most prolific, popular and successful divas to ever enter the studio. Good luck Mimi!

The diva no one saw coming! Rihanna is a beast, the product of careful planning and a nearly PERFECT team, an EXCELLENT team!

Jay-Z’ brainchild & Def Jam’s most prized possession is breaking records at radio and Billboard set by artist like Madonna, Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder, carving her name on the walls of music history along side those that came before her. 

In just 7 years she’s earned 11 number one singles and ascended to a plateau that only one other women on this list is capable. Rihanna’s recorded an album every year since her debut and her work ethic has paid of, ultimately making her the most prolific and popular artist featured in this article. 


Rihanna “Talk That Talk” Full Album Review!!!

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“Rated R” resurrected, gritty, sexy and unmistakably the “IT GIRL”!!!

I love this album, reminds me so much of the harder sh** she was on back in 2009, more hiphop pop type sh**. “Loud” was a return to form, the “GGGB” formatting that made her such a success back in 2007 but “TTT” is…..deliciously different!

I thought we’d never see this Rihanna again, shoulda died her hair blond again so we’d know wassup, she and this album are the answer!!!

Highlighted Tracks:

1. Cockiness (Love It)

2. We Found Love

3. Talk That Talk FT Jay-Z

4. Drunk On Love

5. We All Want Love

These are the tracks that have been on heavy rotation, best the album offers. 

“Cockiness” has Billboard top 10 written all over it, sexy and provocative, radio is going to EAT IT UP! By far my favorite track on the whole album!

“We Found Love” is beautiful, Billboard’s reigning #1 single we can’t seem to get enough of and the video that’s got us jumping!

“Talk That Talk”, the title track is like “Rudeboy” meets “Run This Town”. Jay-Z is perfectly placed but under-utilized, I wanted to hear another verse from him. It’s definitely going to be a single and likely Jay’s next hit. Hope they remix it and add T.I or Kanye, more of a good thing!

This album is something new, neither I or the people are tired of the “it girl” just yet. It’s Rihanna’s time, keep giving it to us boo!

Score Card:

Production: 5

Listenability: 4

Vocals: 4

Writing: 4

TrueClefMusic Rating: 4.25

Rihanna & Britney’s “S&M” Remix Video Plans Scrapped!

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Britney & Rihanna fans have had Twitter and Facebook ablaze with rumors of an official music video for “S&M” since Rihanna hinted at the notion BUT I got final word today that no such video has been recorded nor is one in the works at this time. When I thought about it, it really doesn’t make since to shoot a video…

Rihanna’s topped the chart this week with the original version of the song, Def Jam hasn’t made up it’s mind about re-releasing “Loud” just yet and they’ve already green lit 2 more videos for Rihanna; “California King Bed” and “Man Down”, her new U.S and international singles… The promo dollars are being spent left and right and even with JIVE taking care of half the tab for a “S&M” remix vid, it’s just not feasible right now.

Furthermore, the song doesn’t appear on Britney’s “Femme Fatale” or the original “Loud” so they wouldn’t even be promoting these albums by spending thousands on a new video…

Rihanna Invites J Cole on “Loud” Tour!!!

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I told y’all they were dating months ago, way before “S&M” hit radio. Jay’Z hooked them up and now J Cole is gonna be joining his new super star chick on the U.S and possibly European leg of her “Loud” tour. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing intimate pictures of them and the paparazzi gets wind of what’s going on… The True told u FIRST!

Behind The Scenes Of Rihanna’s Vogue Shoot!!!


Rihanna “S&M” Advances to #3!!!

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YESSSSS!!!! I’m so sure that Rihanna’s gonna crown the hot 100 in a week or so, the song is burning up the commercial and urban club seen and is a beast at radio. If you don’t have “Loud”, COP IT IMMEDIATELY!!!

Rihanna’s Next Single Choice!

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Her label has released no official statement or any indication of what Rihanna’s next single will be. They like won’t until “S&M” finishes it’s chart climb. The song will likely become her 10th chart topper, putting her league with icons like Madonna, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson..

While single #4 hasn’t been announced, if they have any sense at Def Jam (I’m guessing they do since the first 3 singles were chosen so well) then “Complicated” will be Rihanna’s next radio submission! The song will have pull at both urban and commercial radio and stands to be one of Rihanna’s biggest songs EVER! It’s got major chart and radio potential!