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Ciara Second Single “Gimme That” is FIRE!!!!

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YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cici is BACK!!!!!!

This is progressive, yet classic Ciara! The Dream & Tricky Stewart are at the helm of production on her entire 4th album and that really is a great thing. These two worked magic on Mariah Carey’s “Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel”.

If Ciara’s new project is a quarter what Mariah’s album was then she’s getting ready to make a MASSIVE COMEBACK! This is the perfect follow up to “Ride”!!!



The Dream Covers Honey & The Fader Magazines!!!

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The Dream ft Ludacris “Love King Remix” Official Video!!!


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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I like the video, good song too but one fact still stands, The Dream always seems to produce better records and write better songs for other artist…

TrueClefMusic: Best of 2009 & The Worst..

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I had arranged an award type thing for the end of 09 but around that time is when I started having all sorts of issues with my internet and some b****a**ness from a few people I work with. No matter, new year, new beginnings and new employees. We’re still gonna talk about who really did 2009 and who could and should have come harder!

Top 5 albums of 2009:

1. Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel – Mariah Carey

2. The E.N.D – The Black Eyed Peas

3. The Blueprint III – Jay-Z

4. In A Perfect World – Keri Hilson

5. I Am Sasha Fierce – Beyonce

N: I know some of y’all are going to come for me for giving that to Mariah but the fact of the matter is; whether you’ve heard the album or not, it’s the best all around effort of 2009. No one can match the all in one songwriting, production, vocals and listenability.. Cop it and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

I also enjoyed Chrisette’s Michele’s “Epiphany”, Rihanna’s “Rated R” and Ryan Leslie’s self-entitled debut.

Artist of 2009:

1. Drake

2. Lady Gaga

3. Beyonce

4. Keri Hilson

5. Kanye West

These are the artist who were everywhere last year, radio, MTV, award shows and most importantly, Billboard. Drake accomplished everything the other artist accomplished and did so without a record deal or much sponsorship, which is why he tops this list.

Songs of 2009:

1. Boom Boom Pow

2. I Gotta Feeling

3. Knock Ya Down

4. Heartless

5. PokerFace

These are the song you couldn’t escape last year. They were on at the gym, in the car, on your iPod and the guy eating his #1 with cheese across from you in the break room at work.. “Boom Boom Pow” tops this list because of it’s insane chart run. “I Gotta Feeling” follows for the same reason.

Producers of 2009:

1. Will.I.A.M

2. The Dream

3. Kanye West

4. Swizz Beatz

Will and The Dream lead the pack for outstanding production last year. Will SLAYED The Black Eyed Peas new album and The Dream’s work on Mariah Carey & Jamie Foxx’s efforts put him head and shoulders above the rest. Mr West came hard, working with nearly everyone and leaving nothing but fire in his wack. Swizz Beatz clowned on “The Blueprint III” I love that man, one of my favorite producers EVER!

Under the Radar:

Ciara could have not recorded an album at all and came out in better condition then her current state.. Her album had some promising tracks but of course she chose all the wrong singles, minus “Like A Surgeon” which didn’t even get a video.. Her fate is clear.. If she ever realizes that you can’t beat Beyonce by trying to be Beyonce then her powers may be restored..

Mariah Carey made one of the best albums of her 20 year career, was on a role but let her label select “I Wanna Know What Love Is” as her second single, which killed all the momentum her platinum selling top 10 hit “Obsessed” built. She then chose an okay 3rd single “H.A.T.E.U” but obviously the song and video alone weren’t enough to repair the crippled promo campaign. Mariah will re-release her album February 23rd. The project features collabos from many of the game’s big names and shows much promise.

Chris Brown didn’t wait, stay away long enough for the mothers and fathers of his 8 to 16 year old girl fan base to forgive him. His album sold somewhere around 100k it’s first week on shelves and his tour sells continue to lag. My advice to him is to complete his tour and go away. Leave music alone for at least a year and focus on acting..

Amerie made the album the game’s been waiting for but like many others was plagued with all the wrong singles.. Her current single featuring Fabolous may be able to save her but as of now Def Jam can change the locks on her at any time.. Hopefully they give her another chance and hopefully whomever has been selecting the singles for Def Jam’s chicks has been fired or killed off.  I hate to see good music wasted..

Melanie Fiona was facing a change of the locks as well but Kanye West intervened, having much to do with her recent RocNation endorsement. Her 2nd single “It Kills Me” is slay’n radio and pushing her debut album “The Bridge”. She’s very fortunate to have signed with The Roc.

Chrisette Michele hit it right on the head with “Epiphany”, an album which borrows heavily from Kanye’s “College Dropout” and Lauren Hill’s “The MisEducation of Lauren Hill”. I had extremely high hopes for her and this album but when she opted for “What You Do” as a second single over “Blame It On Me”, “Fragile” and “Mr Right”; I knew what her fate would be.. Def Jam really wasn’t on it last year from the promo side..

In conclusion, 2009 was a great year for music, much greater for some then others. 2010 will see new music from Mariah Carey, Jaheim, Erykah Badu, Kanye West, Drake, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, D’Angelo and others. It promises to be another epic year for music, I’m looking forward to it!

The Dream Is NOT Responsible for Mariah’s Weak Album Sells!!!


Mariah fans and the press alike have been attacking The Dream because of Mariah’s extremely low album sells.. The Dream should be praised for helping produce one of THE BEST Mariah Carey albums in her catalog! “Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel” is arguably better then “The Emancipation of Mimi” and rivals albums like “DayDream” and “Butterfly”.. The Dream is one of the best things to EVER happen to her production. The whole album is a credit to his talent. If people would listen to it before they judge it they would know that…

Some ignorant a** Mariah fans have been coming for my man on Twitter. He’s posted the following replies:

If anything Mariah should be blamed for this albums sells stats.. She back burnered the whole project to promote “Precious”! This album should have been pushed even hard the her last 2.. She, nor her fans can blame ANYONE but Mariah Carey.

It’s coo though, she’s fixing it. The re-release should put her exactly where she needs to be. Featuring roles by Nicki Minaj, Ne-Yo, R Kelly, K-Ci&JoJo and more almost insure this album will FINALLY get the recognition it deserves!

The Dream Sports New Chin at BET HipHop Awards!!!

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the dream fat again 2

The Dream released his 2nd album earlier this year. It was moderately successful but he always seems to write and produce better music for others (Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Beyonce) then for himself. This year his eyes have been opened to that fact. So…. he’s decided to not release anymore solo albums and just be a producer/song writer. That along with becoming Def Jam’s new vice president have clearly got him eating EVERYTHING in sight!

He dropped about 40 pounds to promote his last album and has seemingly gained it all back and then some!!!

He slayed on Mariah’s new album, however, I need him to slay in the gym now…RIGHT NOW!

the dream fat again

The Dream & Christina Milian Make It Official!!!!

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the dream and millie official

The two were married in Las Vegas at exactly 12 a.m Friday morning!!!

Christina wore a rented $200 dollar dress, veil and shoes while the The Dream rented a tuxedo for $100… MAKE IT RAIN B****** Lmao!!!