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Trey Songz “Chapter V” Album Art!!

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If you’re a TrueClefMusic reader, you know that we don’t really care for Trey Songz but we love his work ethic! This is his 4th or 5th album in 4 or 5 years.. He’s incredibly hungry, a characteristic lost on much of the game…

Usher’s set the sales bar with “Looking For Myself” which debuted at #1 just last week, moving about 170k. Chris Brown’s “FORTUNE” album is also due. Trey has wisely chosen to stay the f*** out they way lol!

RapUp Magazine reports the following:

Trey Songz serves up five times the eye candy on the shirtless cover of his fifth album Chapter V. Due August 21, the follow-up to 2010’s Passion, Pain, & Pleasure features 18 tracks including the Rico Love and Benny Blanco-produced hit “Heart Attack” and T.I.-assisted club banger “2 Reasons,” plus two bonus cuts.

“I’m definitely trying to leap forward with every album, and with this album, I think it’s a leap forward and a leap into the past,” the R&B heartthrob “I want to embody in this album—this fifth album, which is very monumental for me—what I am, where I came from, and where I’m going. I just think it’s going to be very fluent, very diverse, yet very cohesivealbum.”

The iTunes tracklisting does not include featured guests except for T.I. In a previous interview, Trey mentioned that he had collaborated with Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Big Sean, and Kelly Rowland.

See what Trey has in store this August.

Chapter V Tracklisting

1. “Chapter V” (Intro)
2. “Dive In”
3. “Panty Wetter” (Interlude)
4. “Heart Attack”
5. “2 Reasons” feat. T.I.
6. “Go Hard”
7. “Don’t Be Scared”
8. “Pretty Girl’s Life”
9. “Bad Decisions”
10. “Playin’ Hard”
11. “Forever Yours”
12. “Inside Enterlude” (Interlude)
13. “Fumble”
14. “Without a Woman”
15. “Interlude 4 U” (Interlude)
16. “Simply Amazing”
17. “Ladies Go Wild”
18. “Check Me Out”
19. “Turn On” (Bonus Track)
20. “Almost Lose It” (Bonus Track)



Trey Songz Drops Big Names For “Chapter V” Album!!

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Trey Songz is concocting an all-star lineup for his forthcoming album ‘Chapter 5,’ as he shouted out several big names in a recent interview. 

“I got a record with Tip on there,” Trey told Power 99’s Morning show on Friday (May 11). “Shout out to [Lil] Wayne, Big Sean, J. Cole, Kelly Rowland as well. A lot of great features thus far and I’m still recording.” 

Songz called into the radio station with his mother, April Tucker, whom also had good things to say about Kelly Rowland being featured in her son’s latest music video, “Heart Attack,” as well as him being a “Mama’s boy.” 

“I think they look very cute,” April says about Trey and Kelly Rowland. “I was on set and she’s very sweet and they have amazing chemistry in front of the camera, but they’re good friends. I like her though, she’s a sweetheart.” 

With Mother’s Day literally around the corner, April says her son is his own man, but he’s also a mama’s boy. 

“He’s a mama’s boy, but he’s his own man at the same time,” she adds. “I think that’s the best combination. He has great reverence and respect for me, but he still comes home and lays his head across my lap when it’s time to watch TV.” 

Songz’s Chapter 5 album is scheduled to arrive this summer.

Source: SingersRoom

I don’t give a damn who he’s recruited for the album, Usher is promoting and dropping an album this summer and he’s going to be almost IMPOSSIBLE to beat… I love Trey’s work ethic but he’s a studio artist, Usher can fuck the studio up, sing live and dance his old ass off………………… Trey is going to have to bring some serious fire to stay relevant this year, he and Chris Brown both.. U the icon ain’t f**** wit these boys! #NowPlaying – Lemme See – Usher Ft Rick Ross

Trey Songz Talks About “Chapter V” Album!

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Trey Songz is a V Man, featured in the magazine’s forthcoming Spring Fashion Issue. Beyond the artistic four page spread, Songz claims fans will hear a definite progression on his next album “Chapter V.”

“I think the new album will reflect very much where I’m going as a person and what i’ve been through,” Songz says in an excerpt from the forthcoming issue. “Music, for me, is very much an expression of how I felt at the time when that song was made. We’ll see how much i’ve grown and how much i’ve changed since that album’s dropped (Passion, Pain & Pleasure).”

As previously reported, Songz will embark on a tour supporting his 2011 mixtape “Anticipation II”. The tour, featuring Big Sean, will also introduce fans to new music, leading up to the release of “Chapter V.”

“I’ve grown from a young man to a man,” says Songz.

Aptly titled, “Chapter V” is Songz’s fifth studio album.

Source: SingersRoom

Ugh! I’m not a Trey Songz fan but he can make a record and he’s a hard worker, 2 things I can respect.. The new album will be available sometime this year and he’ll be waring against Chris Brown’s “FORTUNE” album, also under construction..

Trey Songz Working On Fifth Album “Chapter 5”!!!

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“I’m working on a new album entitled Chapter 5. Music will always be my first love,” Trey Songz toldGlamazons. “I’m going to South Africa and I’m elated about it. I’m taking my mother and family. That trip will be very instrumental in what this next album will be.” 

No word yet on who Songz will be working with for the new project but long-time collaborator Troy Taylor will probably be called up on. The set currently has no release date but it will probably coincide with Trey’s debut film, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D, which comes out next year. 

As far as what’s next for Trey, he says: “Whatever God has planned for me. It’s all about hard work and determination. Every year has been better than my last and every album [has done] better than my last. I’m embarking on new endeavors every chance I get.”

Source: SingersRoom

I’ve said it a million times… I’m not a fan of his music but I admire his amazing work ethic. There are so many talented ppl that are never going to make anything of themselves because they’re lazy. It’s tragic!

Trey’s not the best singer but look what all his hard work has done, look at all he’s accomplished.. Get about whatever it is you know you should be about!

TrueClefMusic 2011 New Album ForeCast!!!

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YES! It’s been a GREAT year in music thus far! Rihanna, Beyonce, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Adele and others have released groundbreaking projects definitive of there respective genres but there’s soooooo much more to come. Peep our official 2011 New Album Forecast below!!

Lil Wayne follows up 2008’s “The Carter” with the 4th installation, which will feature production from Bangladesh, Swizz Beatz and others. Also expect Nicki, Drake and other Young Money camp to make cameos throughout the playlist. 

The albums been pushed back 2 or 3 times but is currently slated for a August 29th debut! Singles “6’7” and “John” made moves at urban radio but new single “How To Love” is a Billboard top 10 and will ensure a great first week sales stat for the all new Carter! This is perhaps the most highly anticipated album this year..

Mariah released her last album in 2009 and it was arguably her best via Def Jam. The album failed to garner the usually amazing Mimi sales stats but production wise, lyrically and vocally it’s a jewel, the best r&b presentation from any since 2005’s “The Emancipation of Mimi”..

This new, as yet to be titled album will be her last as a Def Jam artist. She will follow L.A Reid home to Sony music, which is now Tommy-less.. The success of this 2011 album will determine the amount of Mariah’s contract with Sony so expect her to go in! She could release “Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel” again and be the baddest b**** in music but it’ll take more then good music to stay relevant. “Memoirs” failed because of bad planning and sh***** a&r work, she can afford neither on this final Def Jam effort..

Expect Mimi’s new single to leak between Halloween and ThanksGiving, she’s got some baby weight to lose and some songs to right. I’m thinking the album will be on shelves just in time for Christmas!

Awwww yes Trey Songz…. I like this young mans music, some of it but it’s hard to respect a virtually new artist that can’t sing live… I like most of the singles but every time he touches a stage, ANYONE’S stage he embarrasses himself, it’s awful!!

What I can respect is his work ethic. He’s released 2 albums pretty much back to back in the past 2 years and shows no signs of slowing down. Despite the work ethic, Trey’s yet to go platinum, a fact that’s gotta be bothering Atlantic and eating him up! As popular and as everywhere as he is I’d expect him to be at least 3 to 4 million units sold but neither “Ready” of “Passion Pain & Pleasure” has shifted in excess of a million copies…

On this new album, which is yet to be titled, expect Trey to crossover, to appeal to the commercial market.. That’s the only way to increase sales.. The album should be ready and on shelves before New Years..

Her last album is a complete and total TRIUMPH, not just for her but for producer Timbaland, who was at the helm of the albums construction. “Loose” was crammed with hiphop/pop hits like “Maneater”, “Say It Right” and “Promiscuous Girl”!! I’m hoping they can come close to what will likely be her “Thriller” album, an album she’ll spend the rest of her career chasing.. It’s been a few years, the fans and the game are ready to hear what they’ve been working on!! 

The album is titled “LifeStyle” and could be on iTunes by mid Fall 2011!

Monica first single “Anything To Find You” hit radio about a week ago and features Lil Kim, Missy and Rick Ross, it’s FIRE!! The new album is called “New Life” and will follow up 2010’s “Still Standing”, one of the best r&b presentations in recent memory. 

We should have a video for “Anything” in a couple weeks and the album itself is due this October!! Missy is the chief producer on the project, should be EVERYTHING!!

The album is coming this Fall but no music has leaked yet and I’m not sure who she’s been in the studio with… She needs to capture the magic of “One Thing” a DarkChild production, I need her to do more then what she’s been doing these past couple years. She’s o much better then the material she’s been putting and would have been more successful in better hands. This will be her second Def Jam album and I need it to KNOCK!! If it tanks then she faces the possibility of being dropped… GoodLuck Am!

Ms Kelly is on a roll!!! The success of the Lil Wayne assisted “Motivation” and a FIRE performance at the 2011 BET Awards has the game ready for “Here I Am”, Kelly’s 3rd album!!

Her first album was a success all those years ago but it’s been a challenge ever since to stay relevant and stay in the game. She’s been dropped, doubted and written off but now all eyes are on her and most are feel’n Ms Kelly!

The album is due July 26th but most of the material has leaked. The feedback is positive, she’s going to have a great year and I’m sooooo proud of her!!!

Yes!!! I love his work, love his writing, love the productions he chooses! Justin Timberlake is a jewel!! The state of male r&b is bleak, with no singing a** n**** like Trey Songz dominating urban radio the game needs change!

Justin’s first and second albums are monumental testaments to r&b. He writes, he produces and is one of Timbaland’s greatest credits, a true artist born out of his influences! 

I expect this 3rd album to follow suit and be every bit the r&b beast his past work has been. He’s been out of the game since 06, making movies, modeling and building an empire, hope my mans still got it!!

YES!!! I’m so ready for some new Missy, “The CookBook” was one of my favorite rap albums! 

Missy’s back in the studio with Timbaland and Pharrell Williams, creating what is expected to be her best album to date!! Of all of the forecast this and Mariah’s have me the anxious!!

The album is expected to arrive around Thanksgiving and should hear a single by late September or early October!



Trey Songz “Love Faces” Official Video!!!

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Coo lil video. Could they have found a female that looked anymore like Rihanna? Lol, damn! She’s beautiful but he coulda just asked Riri to do it.. I like the song but this albums been on my iPod for months and I’ve never bothered to listed, cutt’n up huh…

Trey Songz Releasing New Album In 2011?

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Even as his latest album, “Passion, Pain & Pleasure,” continues to churn out singles — including the latest, “Love Faces” — Trey Songz is hatching plans for its successor.

“I want to release an album this year,” the Atlanta-based R&B singer tells “We’re starting in the studio now. I’m always thinking about music. I’m in the studio whenever I can be. I’m not pressed or in a rush to make an album right now, but I always have a need to make music.”

Songz isn’t making any predictions about what kind of direction his fifth studio set will take, however. “No, not right now. I’m feeling very creative, though, so it may be something I’ve never done before. There’s always a certain amount of pressure there, but I like that. With every album, I definitely want to grow my audience as well as myself.”

That’s certainly been happening with “Passion, Pain & Pleasure,” which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 in September (No. 1 R&B) and has sold 662,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The album also scored a Top 10 hit with “Bottoms Up” as well as an R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart-topper with “Can We Be Friends.”

“I think it’s definitely been a gradual build to where we are right now,” says Songz, whose first album came out in 2005. “I’ve worked very hard to get where I am…I’ve been blessed to have a lot of hits within the last two, three years, so I went from being a song you hear on the radio to being an [i]artist[/i] you hear on the radio.”

Songz, who opened for Usher on his recent OMG Tour, is celebrating the success with a five-date Love Faces Tour that stars Feb. 11 and hits New York City, Washington, D.C., Detroit and Chicago. “We’re actually putting a new show together,” Songz says. “I want it to be very special for this Valentine’s Day holiday. I want women and I want couples…I want everybody to just have an amazing Valentine’s Day weekend with me. I’m really excited about it.”

After that, Songz heads for Europe with Ne-Yo and Australia with Usher and hopes to make an international footprint before he heads back into the studio.

“We’ll be overseas for two months making sure that I’m world-renowned as a great tour act versus just another song,” he explains. “I put in a lot of work to be loved and welcomed in arenas and shows in America, so I want the same thing for overseas. I’m just exploring every opportunity, and I definitely will be making (new) music when I come back

Source: Billboard

I’m not a huge fan of his music or his voice but I love a hard worker. He’s released 2 albums in less then 2 years time and s hard at work on a third. That’s hustle and I respect that. His last 2 album have shifted a little bit over gold status but I know he really wants to go platinum, that may be what this whole thing is about. Pressure from peers, the fans and his label, Atlantic Records could be the root of this prolific behavior. They put ALOT of coins into Trey Songz, they want him to shift a million or more records. That said, I think the next album is gonna have some tremendous crossover appeal. Look for a tracks with more mainstream artist and music supplied by more commercial producers. That’s the only way I see him blowing up.. Few artist can resist the allure of more fans, more money and added appear on Billboard and radio.. Ask Beyonce..