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Young Jeezy Unveils “R.I.P” Remix Ft Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar & YG!!

Posted in trueclefmusic with tags , , , on March 31, 2013 by JupiterDaTruth


It’s hot AF but not as epic as the original song but slightly more entertaining, given Breezy’s HUGE slug at Drake:

“You started from the bottom, go head and come out the closet” he spits over the DJ Mustard production…. #ShotsFired

Less then a year ago, Chris & Drake got into an all out fist fight while clubbing one weekend. The entourages of both men got involved and Chris Brown tweeted pictures of a deep cut on his chin from the fight. It was later reported that Rihanna was the cause, even though she was not at the club or in the same city at the time…. Since the brawl, Chris and Rihanna have publicly reunited.. ┬áPlease believe that Drake is going to fire back!