Mariah Carey’s Over American Idol??

mimi and sony

That’s what the word is. Apparently Mariah won’t be using the show as a platform to introduce her new single, “Beautiful” featuring Miguel, instead she’s booked GoodMorningAmerica on may 24th to showcase the new music… The diva is reportedly over American Idol, which saw it’s lowest ratings ever this season, a decline that’s been becoming a greater and greater annoyance for Fox in the past 3 or 4 years…

Showbizz 411 reports the following:

Do I know what’s going on at American Idol? I know what you know. But I also know what was said today. Mariah Carey, American Idol judge, is launching her new single not on theIdol finale but on Good Morning America. She’s booked for May 24th, eight days after theIdol finale. Carey is not scheduled to sing on Idol and she hasn’t all season.

Both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez used Idol to launch singles a year ago. And Keith Urban has performed this season. But Carey has remained behind the judges’ desk, even though she has a single- “Almost Home”- from Oz the Great and Powerful, a major box office hit. Suffice to say, something is rotten in Hollywood. Oz was a huge hit. Singing the single onIdol would have been the proper synergy. Instead, “Home” disappeared and no mention of it was made on Idol.

Carey’s new single is going to be hot, too-it’s a duet with new star Miguel. But there’s a lot going on in the background. GMA is #1, and Idol ratings are the lowest they’ve ever been. It’s unclear whether Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe even wants Carey to perform. Or whether Carey, unhappy with the way the show has gone for her, would ever deign to get up on their stage.

Now American Idol still has four weeks to go, that’s eight shows. And on May 8th it goes up against The Voice on NBC- the ratings report the next morning is going to be wild. So stay tuned. And never bet against Mariah. She will be around long after American Idol has named its final winner.

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