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Nas Talks Working With Mariah Carey Again!

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nas and mariah 2

YES! HipHop icon meets hiphop icon for a second time! Nas collaborated with Mariah Carey more then 10 years ago for her “Rainbow” album and now they’ve finally made it back into the studio together.. We don’t know what the song is called but Nas is calling it “A banger” and seems really proud of the record and to be on wax with the diva again. He had the following to say in an interview with The Huffington Post:

In recent weeks you’ve been photographed in the studio with Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri. Will the collaboration appear on your album?

That’s on her album, and it’s a banger! I was excited to get back in the studio with her. She’s one of the greatest voices of our generation. She’s on another level. Just working with an artist that big really shows me how much further I can go. I’ve been inspired just sitting there talking to her. She’s very smart and extremely talented. And I’m just happy to work with her again.

Mariah Pens Open Letter & Announces New Single!!

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The wait for Mariah’s new album seems endless. Mariah’s album was suppose to be on shelves months ago but a combination of her injury and industry politics forced her to push it back. The album is now slated for November and Mariah ever so often tweets pics from the studio… We have a track and collaboration list and are soooooo ready to hear this album..

Mariah’s released an open letter to her fans, an update on what’s going on with the music and in her life:

Hiiii lambs!!

I’m so happy to be able to catch up with everybody here on Facebook. The last three months of my life have not been easy. Getting through this injury has been the toughest experience of my life. It took me three months to get to this point but thank God I was able to recover and get my arm back. It’s a huge deal, it should have taken eight months and even my doctors can’t believe it. It’s been a long journey, the physical therapists have been incredible and I am very grateful to all of them for helping me.

When people expected me to go “Here I am, I’m back and everything’s great!”, it didn’t happen because my hand was still in tremendous pain and it took this long for it to heal. I’ve been working day and night, and it took a lot of rest (though I did sneak in to the studio a couple o’ times!) but I can finally say that I am on my way to a full recovery.

There’s a lot of excitement that I’m going to reveal to you very soon, and sooner than you know it, you’re going to understand why but more than that, you’re going to feel what I’ve been feeling for the past- not three months- but three years.

This is, to me, one of the most important albums I’ve ever made in my life. If you’re a lamb, a fan, or just a human being that needs to feel good, happy, sad, miserable, joyous… “I gotcha” (said like Roc- you haven’t heard how he says it yet but you will soon, it’s a complete+total classic!)

LYM!!!! –MC


The other day Mariah announced her new single, titled “The Art of Letting Go”, same as her new album.. The single will arrive 11.11.13 and the album is expected to drop later this year or early, early 2013!

The diva left the following message on her facebook page!

Hi everyone!!I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that my brand new single “THE ART OF LETTING GO”, will be released here exclusively on my Facebook page on 11.11.2013!!This song is so personal to me and I’m very excited to share this experience with you in such an intimate way.

“I can’t even know what to say”!!! We’re less than a month away and I can’t wait to answer all your questions and share this experience with you. Be sure to check back here every day for updates and all there is to know about “THE ART OF LETTING GO”.

LYM!! –MC #LettingGo

1111 mariah

Mariah Carey Hires Jermaine Dupre To Manage New Era, New Album!

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mariah jd2

Ms Carey has been managed by Randy Jackson, Benny Medina, Jay Z & L.A Reid during her stay at Def Jam but now long time friend and collaborator, Jermaine Dupre will take the reigns, preside over this new album and new era in Mariah’s career..

We personally think it’s a good decision that’ll bare some fruit. Jermaine is the mastermind behind some of Mariah’s biggest hits and he was at the helm of production and A&R work on her 2005 album, “The Emancipation of Mimi” which restored all her powers…

We can’t wait to hear the album, can’t wait to hear a new single and can’t wait to see Mariah on tour again. TrueClefMusic f**** wit Mimi, all day, long time fans and supporters here!

Mariah’s album is slated for a November release. it’s her 14th jewel and is titled “The Art of Letting Go”.. We’ll see how brilliant it is…

Mariah’s Tentative New Album Track List!!!

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mimi this woman

YES!! Yesterday morning Mariah’s tentative track list for “The Art of Letting Go” her 2013 album hit the net! This list hasn’t been confirmed by her ppl but looks very accurate.

Mariah worked with Hit Boy, Jermaine Dupre, The Dream, Sean Michael Cox and others to create this record and we’re besides ourselves with impatience!!

The album was slated for a 7.23.13 release date but has been pushed back with no official word from the diva or the label regarding it’s release but a new single featuring Wale is coming!!

Peep the track list though:


Mariah Carey & Miguel’s “#Beautiful” Crosses Platinum Mark!!

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beautiful mimi and miguel 2

YES!! The diva has nailed down her 13th platinum record. “#Beautiful” has shifted in excess of 1 million downloads!!

The diva’s new album “The Art of Letting Go” was pushed back from it’s 7.23.13 release date but will drop this year.. Mariah’s next single will reportedly feature Wale!

Her recent injury during a video shoot has really held things up but she’s taken the opportunity to expand the album, record more music. It should be epic once she’s done! #DIVA

What’s Really Going On With Mariah Carey & This Album???

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mim marilyn

So……. Mariah’s album was originally slated for release on 7.23 but the diva argued that it wasn’t quite finished and pushed it back… No new date has been announced but she promised there would be a “lambs only” surprise on 7.23 to compensate for the disappointment but she released a new voicemail discussing yet another remix for her single “#Beautiful”….. We were expecting her to drop a new single or at least reveal the albums cover! We love Mariah but WTF is going on!!

Why are there a 100 remixes for this song that’s only a top 20 hit, a song that exited the top 20 just last week??? She recorded a music video for the Jeezy assisted version a few weeks ago but it hasn’t surface yet and the voicemail left on her fans site talks about another remix! We need a brand new single, something different..

We think she was trying to lead her promo campaign a different way, with a song that was totally different. None of her fans expected it but “#Beautiful” is a good record and we all love it, even though it’s not a huge hit for her. She needs to switch gears and move on, stop wasting studio time and promo dollars on a record that isn’t going to go any further…..

The next song we need to hear from her needs to get the party started like “Touch My Body”, Obsessed” or “Heartbreaker”, a huge buzz track that will likely feature a rapper and shoot into the top 10, if not becoming her 19thh #1 single. That song should be followed by a big voiced ballad like “Don’t Forget About Us” or “Angels Cry”… This is the formula and we need her to get with it! So ready for this album!! She’s scheduled to go on tour this October so it shouldn’t be much longer but we’re getting impatient AF, she’s been spending too much time with Beyonce… Album push backs & sh** lol!!

If you don’t have Mariah’s last studio effort, “Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel”, you’re doing yourself an injustice!

Mariah Carey Macy’s 4th of July Spectacular Performances!!

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mimi 4th of july

We’re huge Mariah Carey fans here at TrueClefMusic, so proud of her!! She delivered a totally live performance after all the controversy from the BET Awards…. We hate that this woman, the amazing singer, this influential musician has to prove she can still sing each and every time she performs… That’s not fair to her or her fans!!


Mariah Carey Releases Jeezy Assisted “#Beautiful” Remix!!!

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beautiful jeezy

OH SH***!!! It’s better then the A$ap Rocky version!!!

Mariah Carey “#Beautiful” Remix FT A$ap Rocky & Miguel!!

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mimi haha

Ms Carey just pushed her album back, still recording, still cooking it for the fans but she’s released a remix to her top 20 single, “#Beautiful”, the track now features both Miguel & A$ap Rocky, we love it!!

The diva has 4 more remixes for the song and all will appear on her upcoming album!


The diva recently shot a new video in Italy for an unannounced single and will take the stage at both the 2013 BET Awards and Macy’s 4th of july Spectacular on top of an appearances on The View this week!!

Mariah Carey Pushes Album Back!!

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mimi gorgeous

F***!!!!!!!! Nooooooooooooo!! It’s been too long already, 3 years since her last album. We’re ready to hear it goddamn, so mad at her but if she doesn’t think it’s ready then we just have to deal…

Ms Carey tweeted the following about her push back:

push back mariah

So mad but we’ll just have to wait a while longer. No official word on when the new release date will be but hopefully she doesn’t make us wait longer then August!

Being that the album isn’t coming on when anticipated, we could get more then just one more single and video… #developing

5 Albums We Can’t Wait To Hear!!

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Drake Promo

This is down time, no one but Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne, Rihanna and a few others are actually promoting albums, making videos, releasing singles. most everyone is in the lab and they’re a few albums we just can’t wait to hear!!

1. Drake

His last album was brilliant, one of the best hip hop LPs of all time. Everyone has a favorite song but ours was “We’ll Be Fine”, epic record!!

Drake’s recent singles have become anthems, huge billboard successes for the Young Money MVP and his tribute to Beyonce is mesmorizing! We just know he’s got more where that came from, more of a good thing and we can’t wait to spin the new album!!

mimi this woman

2. Mariah Carey

Mariah’s “#Beautiful” featuring Miguel isn’t an accurate preview of this new album, her 13th studio effort. It’ll be heavy r&b, well written, well sung, well produced and it could even be as brilliant as her 2009 effort, “Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel”.. We stan for Ms Carey. Can’t wait to see what she was able to create this time around!

usher looking for myself

3. Usher

Ush jumped back in the studio earlier this year, motivated by the brilliance and almost surgical promotion of Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience”, a testament to modern r&b and some of the best production Timbaland has EVER autographed!

Ush’s last album was good, solid, so were the 2 that proceeded it but he hasn’t been able to capture the artistry or the success of 2004’s “Confessions”… Hopefully JT gave em the push he’s been needing.. It’s hard to top yourself when there’s next to no competition!

keri hilson no boys allowed 2

4. Keri Hilson

Her first 2 albums were jewels, though the second once doesn’t match the debut. Keri’s an amazing song writer with an great ear for good music. Her voice is beautiful and we really enjoy her work. Songs like “All The Boys”, “Tell Em The Truth” and “Intuition” are amongst our favorites and we’re looking forward to more well written, well produced and well arranged r&b!

beyonce superbowl

5. Beyonce

Who knows when this album is coming out or even when we might get an “official” single but 2011’s “4” easily stands up to recent projects from both Mariah Carey and Adele. Beyonce blew the roof OFF with some of the best vocals she’s ever recorded on top of taking a different direction with her production team..

We’re not sure what this album will sound like, not sure what to expect but we can’t wait to hear what she’s been working on. Rumored collaborators for this album include Kanye West, Jay-Z, Miguel, Frank Ocean and even Future!

Mariah’s album will be on the shelf 7.23 while the others are expected to arrive later in the year!

Mariah Carey Live on Good Morning America!!

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mimi goodmorning

Okay so we have a few issues with this lol… If you read TrueClefMusic on the regular then you know we’re huge fans of the diva but she was over dressed and arguably lit during hold performance.

Some fans had an issue with the quality of the vocals but we thought she did pretty well for this to be a early AM performance but its obvious that she had a few mimosa’s with her eggs this morning..

We’ve watched Mariah perform for almost 2 decades and she’s never used some of the rifts and transitions in “We Belong Together” and “Always Be My Baby” that she used this morning.. Furthermore, this is a park concert series.. Why is she wearing a Grammy night gown??? That’s Mariah and we love her. New album coming soon and we should get one more single before it’s available on shelves!

Mariah Carey’s “Beautiful” Becomes 32nd Top 20!!

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mimi 4

YES!!! The diva’s new collaboration with Miguel has official entered the top 10, another chart milestone for Mimi!

The song leads the promo campaign for her as yet to be titled 13 studio album which should be available some time this summer!

Miguel Talks “#Beautiful” & Working With Mariah Carey!!

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miguel and mariah

The r&b virtuoso has been praising Mariah Carey, the diva, the icon in recent interviews. Cambio reports the following:

Miguel had a “beautiful” time working with Mariah Carey on their hit single.

Following the release of “#Beautiful,” the 27-year-old singer dished about what it was like to work with the music superstar on the track.

“She’s kind of one of the most quick witted and sharp individuals I’ve ever met,” Miguel told us at Wango Tango. “You never know how it’s gonna be with another creative individual and how their creative process works with yours, but it was definitely one of the coolest and easiest sessions I’ve ever done with another artist.”

Calling the American Idol judge “brilliant,” Miguel added that Mariah has “a lot of foresight.”

“Everything she does is very deliberate, which is refreshing,” he continued. “She knows exactly what she wants and what she’s doing, and the fact that she chose to keep me on the record speaks volumes.”

Mariah Carey’s “#Beautiful” Debuts At #24 On Billboard!!

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mimi gorgeous

The diva debuts in the top 40 thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response to her new collaboration with Miguel. Billboard reports the following:

The Hot 100’s highest debut belongs to Mariah Carey’s “#Beautiful,” featuring Miguel, which begins at No. 24. The track launched on Hot 100 Airplay at No. 44 last week with 31 million impressions after just two days of airplay, aided heavily on its first day (May 6) by coordinated airplay on Clear Channel Media and Entertainment stations. This week, with that hefty first day of spins now in the previous tracking period, “#Beautiful” maintains its No. 44 Hot 100 Airplay rank and 31 million in audience (up less than 1%). Following its first full week of sales, it enters Hot Digital Songs at No. 10 (114,000), marking her eighth top 10 on the tally and first since “Obsessed” reached No. 6 in 2009. “#Beautiful” falls shy of the Streaming Songs chart with 461,000 first-week streams.

The lead single from Carey’s forthcoming 13th studio album charges 32-7 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and 16-2 on R&B Songs and debuts at No. 1 on R&B Digital Songs.

Vibe Magazine’s 5 Things To Expect From Mariah’s 13th Studio Album!!

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We Mariah stans here at TrueClefMusic, celebrated her music recent material more then the old, everything since “Butterfly” or “Daydream”, second half of her amazing career.

We expect amazing, benchmark vocals on top of Vibe’s expectations for this album. Mariah’s ast work, “Memoirs of An Imperfect” is arguably her best release via Def Jam.

Vibe has the following things to say about this album:

It’s been four years since Mariah Carey released her last album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Since then, M.C. has been experiencing a life transition. She gave birth to twins in 2011, became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig and also used her musical expertise as a judge on Season 12 of American Idol. All the while, the 43-year-old singer-songwriter hasn’t lost a step. With the release of her new single “#Beautiful,” featuring Miguel, we can’t help but get excited about MiMi’s return.

Check out 5 things you can expect on the new LP.

1. An Ode to Dem Babies
This will be MC’s first album since giving birth to her twins Monroe and Moroccan. We’re sure the proud mama has already written a beautiful ballad in honor of “dem babies.” Little Ms. Monroe is already flexing her premature vocal chops and will make her debut feature on mommy’s upcoming project.

“My little girl is going to be appearing on the album, I will say that,” Mariah told Ryan Seacrest on May 6. “She can’t really put a complete sentence together–she was 1 years old when she started–but she did a good job!”

2. Nicki Minaj Shade
Nobody throws shade better than MiMi. Subtle yet effective, this diva knows how to get the last laugh. Her Eminem diss track proved that the R&B songbird wasn’t afraid to clap back at the hardcore rapper for being “obsessed” with her. Decked out in her best tomboy attire and sporting a goatee, Mariah comically turned the mocking tables on Slim Shady in the music video. Nicki, beware.

3. A Toast To Success
Admit it, you didn’t think Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon would last five years in marriage. When the couple first announced their relationship back in 2008 a lot of folks were scratching their heads, saying, “huh?” But Mr. and Mrs. Cannon proved that opposites do attract. It would only be right for Mariah to pen a love song in dedication of their matrimony and longevity.

4. Amazing Production
When it comes to working with producers, Mariah Carey is known to only select the best of the bunch. Hit-Boy, The-Dream, Jermaine Dupri, Bryan Michael Cox and Rodney Jerkins are only a few of the mega producers she’s confirmed to be working with so far. Already sounds like a stellar line-up.

5. Epic Collaborations
Mariah already got the current hottest male R&B singer on her first single, so we can only imagine who she’s going to collaborate with next. Carey told <i.billboard< i=””>that she’s completed songs with DJ Cassidy and her former “Honey” collaborator Q-Tip. She also expressed interest in collaborating with the top 3 female American Idol finalists. Could be a hit girl power anthem.

Mariah Carey & Miguel Premiere “#Beautiful” Official Video!!

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mimi beautiful video

Simple, relatable, perfection! Mariah looks amazing and Miguel plays his role perfectly! Love the visual, already loved the song which currently sits at #6 on iTunes and is expected to have a triumphant debut on the chart next week!!

Mariah’s new album is coming this summer!!

Mariah Carey “#Beautiful” Ft Miguel!!

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beautiful mimi and miguel 2

We love it but it’s definitely not what we expected. Miguel clearly did most of the production work on the song, sounds like something off his first album but much more radio friendly.. The song is beautiful and even though it isn’t the r&b ballet everyone was expecting from these 2, most will be drawn in by the songs sincerity, the honest lyrics and Mariah’s vocals.. This is something that’s going to hit the ground running, especially given the massive promo campaign Def Jam is launching in support of this record and Mariah’d new album, rumored to drop some time in July!

The diva will be dropping the official video for the song via Idol this week. She also has performances scheduled with Oprah, Good Morning America, The Today Show and possibly The View on top of performing it live on Idol’s finale!!

Ms Carey talks about working with Miguel and the concept of the song below:

Mariah Carey Premiering “Beautiful” Video On Idol & Performing For The Finale!!

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mimi new

After all the bullsh** Mariah’s had to deal with via American Idol this season, here they come, running to her to ensure the finale is a success, running to her to boost ratings… They’re afraid of NBC”s “The Voice” and want to make sure they remain the #1 talent show on network tv..

That said, Mariah’s going to drop the official music video for “#Beautiful” via Idol on May 8th, 2 days after the song is scheduled to hit radio and iTunes. She’ll also be performing the single on the Finale, though she might be doing that solo since Miguel is on tour at the moment, opening up for Alicia Keys..

The diva returns in just 2 days, new music and a new album coming this summer! This is going to be Mariah’s year!!

Mariah Carey’s Over American Idol??

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mimi and sony

That’s what the word is. Apparently Mariah won’t be using the show as a platform to introduce her new single, “Beautiful” featuring Miguel, instead she’s booked GoodMorningAmerica on may 24th to showcase the new music… The diva is reportedly over American Idol, which saw it’s lowest ratings ever this season, a decline that’s been becoming a greater and greater annoyance for Fox in the past 3 or 4 years…

Showbizz 411 reports the following:

Do I know what’s going on at American Idol? I know what you know. But I also know what was said today. Mariah Carey, American Idol judge, is launching her new single not on theIdol finale but on Good Morning America. She’s booked for May 24th, eight days after theIdol finale. Carey is not scheduled to sing on Idol and she hasn’t all season.

Both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez used Idol to launch singles a year ago. And Keith Urban has performed this season. But Carey has remained behind the judges’ desk, even though she has a single- “Almost Home”- from Oz the Great and Powerful, a major box office hit. Suffice to say, something is rotten in Hollywood. Oz was a huge hit. Singing the single onIdol would have been the proper synergy. Instead, “Home” disappeared and no mention of it was made on Idol.

Carey’s new single is going to be hot, too-it’s a duet with new star Miguel. But there’s a lot going on in the background. GMA is #1, and Idol ratings are the lowest they’ve ever been. It’s unclear whether Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe even wants Carey to perform. Or whether Carey, unhappy with the way the show has gone for her, would ever deign to get up on their stage.

Now American Idol still has four weeks to go, that’s eight shows. And on May 8th it goes up against The Voice on NBC- the ratings report the next morning is going to be wild. So stay tuned. And never bet against Mariah. She will be around long after American Idol has named its final winner.