Ciara “Basic Instinct” Full Album Review!!!

I’m really feeling this album, it’s not great but it’s a return to form. Well done Cici..

A few years ago Ciara looked up and found herself one of the biggest victims of what a friend of mine calls “Beyonceitis”.. It’s a infectious condition that few if any recover from. She’s out of the ICU but not the woods. This album is good but she’s going to have to select the right singles, make some fire videos and play all her cards right to be okay…

Highlighted Tracks:

– Ride

– Gimme That

– Wants For Dinner

– You Can Get It

Was she talking about Beyonce in that opening track??? IDK , but that’s what it sounds like..

“Ride” woke up all that had been sleeping since “Fantasy Ride”. The song is by far her most successful single in years. Great first single choice!

“Gimme That” was the perfect follow up but the video wasn’t at all what it should have been. She could have come so much harder then that. It’s okay to have some of the new Ciara mixed in with the old. I felt like she was trying to remake past projects and channel that girl we all fell in love with all those years ago a little too hard…

“Turn It Up Ft Usher is her official crossover track. I she wants those sells to jump and make some real money this song should be the next single and the video needs to be SICKENING!!!

“You Can Get It” is by far my favorite song!!! Someone got me really feel these lyrics, only song I’ve got on repeat..

She’s not gonna win any singing contest or break any records with this album but it’s much more put together then “Fantasy Ride”..

Production: 4

Vocals: 3

Writing: 3

Listenability: 3

TrueClefMusic Rating: 3.25

Cute album but she hasn’t recovered entirely, not yet…


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