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Beyonce 2013 Album Update!!

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YES! New music from King B is right around the corner!

We expect the release and mass promo of her 5th studio effort to coincide with her February halftime show performance, which means we could start hearing new music by the first of the year.

One thing’s for sure, Beyonce planning on really bringing the f**** house down with this album. “4” was brilliant but failed to meet traditional Beyonce sales expectations and was ignored by the Grammy Academy. It’s a jewel, one of her best and some of the best vocals we’ve heard since Mariah’s emancipation more then 6 years ago!

The commercial fans that “I Am” brought her were also neglected on this last album. Expect more “Halo’s” and “Irreplaceable’s” but better written better produced then the commercial tracks found on “4”.

Tentative Collaboration List:


Frank Ocean

Kanye West


Mariah Carey


Swizz Beatz

The Dream


Dark Child



Lady Gaga

This list is again, tentative but EVERYONE is sending her music right now, trying to be apart of this new project!

Tentative Album Titles: “The Kingdom”, “Rebirth”

Tentative Release Dated: January 29th or February 4th 2013

Ciara Premieres “Got Me Good” Official Video!!

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Ugh…… The song is mediocre and she’s displaying the same dance steps we’ve been seeing since “One, 2 Step”……….. Someone please let her know that’s she’s going to have to do more then dance to return from the dead.. She’s going to have to come hard like Brandy and Kelly did if she wants us to live like we use to! It has to be everything, the complete package from top to bottom, lyrics, production, visual.. One element isn’t going to get anybody excited but the stands…..

Rihanna “Diamonds” Becomes 23rd Billboard Top 10!!

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YESSSS!!! Rihanna’s first single from “Unapologetic” rores into the Billboard’s upper hierarchy this week, 11 to 8, becoming her 23rd top 10 single!

Rihanna has topped this chart 11 times and it’s incredibly possible that “Diamonds” will become her 12th #1 single, especially given it’s chart presence absent a music video to promote it…… That Rihanna reign just won’t let up! #RihannaNavy

The new album is coming 11.19.12 and from what we hear, she’s still putting the finishing touches on it, recorded what’s left in L.A! Can’t wait!

Alicia Keys “Girl On Fire” Official Video!!

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It reminds me of a Sade visual, the simplicity and sincere nature of it.. We like the song but the version with Nicki Minaj should have been the one promoted… We’re going to be talking more about Alicia Keys and the evolution of her music later this month.

Peep the video below:

Missy Elliott Debates Possible Album Titles!!

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The singles she released just a couple weeks ago aren’t picking up at radio and that’s not showing any sign on changing… If she’s going to come back, she’s going to need a “Loose Control” or “Hot Boyz” to fire up the club scene and radio! C’Mon Missy!!!

Our friends at RapUp report the following:

On the 15th anniversary of her debut Supa Dupa Fly, Missy Elliott sat down with Fuse to reminisce about her groundbreaking album and the iconic video for “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly).”

“Everything about it. You hadn’t heard it before,” said Missy of the 1997 project, which took two weeks to record. “Even the rap flows was different. I think it was 10 years ahead, 15 years ahead [of its time].”

Looking back, she’s proud of her work. “I’m probably more in awe with it now than I was then.”

She dropped her two new singles “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat” last month, but she has yet to decide on a title for her seventh album. While she was choosing between Block Party and Class Dismissed, one fan suggested a third title, Class in Session.

“Somebody said Class Dismissed sounds like class is over. Class in Sessionsounds like you’re taking people to school. I gotta figure it out,” she said.

During a Ustream session, she revealed that she has a “fun, party record”featuring Lil’ Kim and Eve. When asked if the album will contain a 2012version of “Not Tonight (Ladies Night Remix),” she responded, “Great possibility.”

Beyonce To Headline SuperBowl 47 HalfTime Show!!!

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YESSSSSSSS!!!!!! It’s the only way they were going to top Madonna’s EPIC show from earlier this year!!
Expect Beyonce to perform at least 5 tracks! Her iconic husband and maybe even good friend, Lady Gaga might join her on stage.. This sh** is going to be FIRE!!
The superbowl is currently expected to air 2.3.13, expect that date to coincide with the release of her next album. This is a HUGE promo stage, the album will probably drop that same month or maybe even that week. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.
In case you missed Madonna’s EPIC show, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Nicki Minaj Reveals “Roman Reloaded -THE RE-UP” Cover!!

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In light of her b****aness on American Idol and her total and complete disrespect for Mariah Carey, we don’t really f*** with this h** like that anymore but she’s still a popular artist making headlines and as long as that’s the case, we’ll continue to follow her work and report Nicki stories here.

As you know, she’s re-releasing her 2nd album and has added some more urban tracks that are suppose to resemble her earlier, let pop bullsh** work. That remains to be seen but RapUp reports the following:

Get ready for the return of Roman. Nicki Minaj has unveiled the cover ofPink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up. Due November 19, the album will contain songs off her sophomore LP Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded along with 5-6 new tracks including “The Boys” with Cassie and a collaboration with Lil Wayne.

The Young Money rapper rocks curly black hair in homage to her mixtape days on the sassy artwork. “lol that face matches the lyrics on the reup to a T!!!! lmao, wait til u hear it…u’ll completely get it,” she told her Barbz.

The “American Idol” judge has likened the music to her earlier material. “It’s more my mixtape feel,” she said.