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Adele’s “Set Fire To Rain” Crowns Billboard’s Hot 100, While “21” Sits Atop The Albums Chart!!!

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Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” takes over atop the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, dethroning Rihanna‘s “We Found Love,” featuring Calvin Harris, after 10 weeks and making history in the process. 

As Adele’s set “21” leads the Billboard 200 album chart for a 17th week, “Fire” is the third single to top the Hot 100 while “21” has sat atop the album tally. First single “Rolling in the Deep” began a seven-week Hot 100 reign the week of May 21, 2011, when “21” was in its sixth week in charge of the Billboard 200. 

Follow-up “Someone Like You” crowned the Hot 100 the week of Sept. 17, 2011. In the song’s fifth and final week at No. 1 (Nov. 5), “21” returned to the Billboard 200 apex for a 13th frame. 

With “21” at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 four another four weeks as of this week, “Fire” (Adele’s third career Hot 100 topper) makes the set the first by a single artist to have led the Billboard 200 concurrently with three Hot 100 No. 1s.

Source: Billboard

AMAZING! It’s hard to tell who had a better 2011 and whose going to have a better 2012, Adele or Rihanna. Both are doing incredibly well right now, destroying major charts the world over and make big moves at radio and Billboard!

Britney Spears New Album, Working With Lady Gaga & Nicki Minaj???

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Here’s what I know:

The label has confirmed that there will be no further promo for the “Femme Fatale” album outside of B’s remaining tour dates. “Criminal” was the final single.

B will take a break, almost the whole year to spend time with her family and focus on other aspects of her career.

She’s scheduled to begin recording in October, songs are already being submitted by the industry’s biggest names for consideration.

Rumor has it that she’s bringing in long time friend and collaborator, Pharrell Williams to executive produce the project.

Another rumor is that she’ll be collaborating with Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj on album 8 but only time will distinguish fact from fiction…


Nicki Minaj Makes VEVO History With “Stupid Hoe” Visual!!!

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Nicki Minaj is celebrating another unprecedented feat yet again. The femcee, who became the first female rapper to top Billboard Rap Songs sinceLil’ Kim and score Hot 100 highest-charting single in nearly a decade, now breaks VEVO record with her “Stupid Hoe” music video

The Hype Williams-directed clip, which features Minaj as a foul-mouthed barbie, “clocked 4.8 million views, the highest single-video VEVO number in 24 hours ever.” Before informing her Twitter followers about the achievement, she posted, “So blessings & love to all of u!!! Excel today. Excel.” 

“Stupid Hoe” is one of the singles confirmed for Minaj’s upcoming album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” which was recently pushed back from February 14 to April 3. “Have no fear. Tons of surprises before then,” she assured her fans when announcing the delay. 

She’s indeed expected to debut more videos before the album release. One of them is the “Roman in Moscow” clip, and another one is visuals for “Turn Me On”. She recently confirmed on Twitter, “Yep! ‘Turn Me On’ is on the album. Video to come any day now…”

Source: AceShowBiz

YESSSSS!!! This shows her commercial worth, Gaga, Beyonce, Britney, Rihanna, Nicki is right in there with these girls. She’s a force, going places no female rapper before her has ever gone!

The buzz is there and we’re ready for the album, I’m going to be talking about it Saturday morning live on the air with Sherryl Blu, 103.6 BANG FM Radio! (5AM U.S 11AM U.K) #TeamNicki

Just in case you haven’t seen Nicki’s brilliant new video:

In Case You Didn’t See It Yet…Kid Cudi Straight Showed His Ass Yet Again!!

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The video isn’t as bad as I imagined, the way the events were communicated to me, I thought he went on a coked out rampage and totally trashed the stage. Nevertheless, Kanye needs to do something about this young man. The bad boy image is cool, marketable even but he’s representing the entire label.. Such behavior has to cease!

Apparently whoever was working the sound decided it had gone on long enough and decided to go the audio and Cudi’s mic…. I’m sure they had words, that’s what should have been caught on camera lol!

Mariah Carey To Replace Nicole on U.S X-Factor??

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Call it a clash of the divas! Following a tumultuous first X Factor season, Nicole Scherzinger is rumored to be leaving … And to have a pretty pricey replacement: None other than the best selling female artist of all time, Mariah Carey, may fill the Over 30s judge’s designer shoes!

Sources have been whispering that because Scherzinger wasn’t comfortable seeing contestants get eliminated, she wanted out. Once Mimi heard the news, she reportedly let Simon Cowell know she’d be willing to take Scherzy’s place.

The move, while dramatic, would hardly be surprising. Scherzinger was rumored to have a potential country switch with U.K. X Factor judge Kelly Rowland, but it appears that may have fallen by the wayside as she focuses on other projects. In an interview in December, Scherzinger revealed that she was looking forward to finally finishing and releasing her long-delayed album, Killer Love, and that she wanted to focus on a burgeoning acting career as well.

Scherzinger’s rumored emotional motives are also likely to play a role in the decision. The former Pussycat Doll faced massive backlash when her deadlock vote sent fan favorite Rachel Crow home. “I’m used to being on stage and performing and singing for people and people cheering for me,” Scherzinger said. “I am an artist first, not a judge first! The elimination process for me has been very difficult.”

For her part, Carey has always been welcome on X Factor — but factors like weather, scheduling and cash kept her at bay. Cowell was determined to find a role for Carey on the series. When it was decided that she would be his guest during the judges’ home auditions, Hurricane Irene nixed her travel plans. In December, Carey’s request for a $300,00 payout to perform “All I Want for Christmas Is You” with teen phenom Justin Bieber was denied.

While we’ll miss Scherzinger — tears and all — we’d love to see what advice and sass Mimi has up her sleeves!

Source: PopCrush

YES!!! This would be great for Mimi, she’s has a hilarious personality but we rarely get to see it! The show will reveal a side of her most ppl don’t know, the funny, sarcastic, almost child-like Mimi.

The one thing that worries me is her work load. Billboard’s Queen is recording a new album right now and is rumored to be back on the big screen before the years out. She was suppose to play a role in Tyler’s 2011 film, “For Colored Girls” but discovered she was pregnant and had to drop out a day before recording began. She therefore owes Tyler a film!

Take that into account on top of promoting the album and possibly touring, the X Factor job seems like much.. Oh and I almost forgot about the twins!! #WorkFlow

Mimi’s a hard worker though, as we all know. I’m sure she’ll be fine as long as she gets enough rest and takes care of the beautiful instrument. 

Oh and expect the new album in April, no official word yet, just a feeling 😉

Monica Wraps “New Life” Recording, Announces New Single Featuring Brandy!!!

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After months of recording, Monica is closing the door on her anticipated album “New Life.”

Updating fans via Twitter Tuesday, the “Until It’s Gone” singer said “New Life” will be turned in to label officials Friday.

“Feelings tucked away now, LOL headed to the studio. Album will be turned in Friday NO MORE changes,” Monica said early Tuesday.

As reported last year, Monica returned to the studio after releasing the singles “Anything (To Find You)” and “Until It’s Gone” to record new material, canceling an announced November release for “New Life.”

Now, it appears Monica is secure in what will become her next chapter, including an unexpected collaboration with Brandy. Titled “It All Belongs To Me,” the first collaboration between the two since the Grammy Award winning “The Boy Is Mine,” will be released February 6.

“New Life,” the album, is due in stores March 6.

Source: SingersRoom

YES!!!!!! I jus t know this song is going to be wassup, the Monica and Brandy fans are going to eat it up!

Monica previous released 2 singles from the album but neither caught on at radio so Clive Davis, Chairman of J Records ordered her back to the studio! Hopefully this album is more like 2010’s “Still Standing”, one of the best r&b presentations in recent memory.

The new album is coming this March, good luck Mo!

Rihanna “TTT” Re-release May Include “Cake” Full Song & A Nicki Minaj Assisted “Cockiness” Remix!!!

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AHHHHHHHH!!!! It’s out there, Rihanna and Def Jam may reportedly re-release “TTT” late summer or early Fall with 5 to 6 new tracks!!!!! 

Producers have confirmed that “Cake” will become a full song and rumor has it that Rihanna’s tapped friend Nicki Minaj for a “Cockiness” remix which would be EPIC!!!

All of this is tentative, the label is trying to make the best use of it’s most powerful commercial asset. A few months ago they were talking about putting her a mandatory break, at least 6 months to rest but apparently they see the money..

Personally, as a Rihanna fan, I’d rather she take a the break, release a few more singles and not tour for this album. Her work schedule is dangerous similar to the one that caused label mate, Mariah Carey’s collapse 12 years ago. Artist need sleep, rest, a break from the competition…

I hope Def Jam makes it’s business decisions based on her best interest and not the dollar signs but given the world we live in, that isn’t very likely……