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Kelly Rowland Announces Album Title & Adds Lil Wayne To New Single!!!

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Ms. Kelly has finally decided on her third album. The album will be called “Motivation.” The project’s title track (featuring Lil Wayne) will also serves as the lead single, which the “When Love Takes Over “ singer calls “a mix of dance and mash-up.”

A music video for “Motivation” will be shot in Los Angeles later this week. At the recent Roberto Cavalli fashion show, Rowland said she was searching for looks for her new video. “I start shooting in L.A. in a week. I’m aiming for a very sexy, feminine video and I’m looking for womanly, sexy designs,” said Rowland.

Adding rapper Lil Wayne to the new single will most likely help Rowland ignite interest at radio, a feat that she found difficult with previous singles “Commander,” “Rose Colored Glasses” and “Forever and a Day.”

“The making of this album has been an emotional roller coaster but empowering for me, which you will hear once it’s all done,” Rowland recently wrote on her Facebook page. “I’m just taking my time to make sure it’s everything I want it to be.”

She also added, “this album is NOT limited, I am not allowing ANYONE to put me in a box, with sound.”

The heavily delayed set will feature production from Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, Tricky Stewart, The-Dream, and Jermaine Dupri.

Source: SingersRoom

Yessssss!!!! This is exactly what she’s need, a track with a big name rapper, especially one whose managed to crossover and be as commercially accepted as Lil Wayne! If the singl eis fire, the album will have a great first week. She’s going to have to follow up this Wayne assist with something just as radio friendly to guarantee strong sales across the broard!

So Chris Is A Blonde Now???

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Um um um… What doesn’t look good on Chris Brown lol!

He tweeted this pic just hours ago, very good….

Keyshia & Her Fiance, Boobie Gibson Cover UrBan Ink Magazine!!!

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Awwwwwwww, they are so cute!!! I want a relationship like there’s, they seem so happy and proud to be with one another 🙂 Go heard Keyshia!

Adele Set To Top Billboard With “21”, Forced To Play Larger Venues This Summer!!!

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Adele may not like her newfound popularity but that isn’t stopping fans from demanding her. The British soul songstress, who kicks off her U.S. tour in May, was recently forced to change several dates to bigger venues to keep up with demand after her shows sold out in minutes.

On June 1, her show in Seattle, Washington will move from the intimate Showbox hall to the bigger Paramount, which seats more fans. She has also moved a show in Los Angeles on June 9 to the larger Palladium and added extra dates in New York.

Adele who hates playing larger venues recently admitted, “I can’t do arenas because I’m not (Lady) Gaga.”

’21,’ the latest release from Adele, is expected to debut at No. 1 next week on the Billboard 200 chart. The set is expected to shift 275,000 to 300,000 copies by week’s end on Sunday, Feb. 27.

Source: SingersRoom

YESSSS!!!! The album is genius! She may have been unknown before but that voice and those lyrics weren’t meant for the world, she better get with the program! Me and Liz will be going to her show in Austin this summer, hopefully it stays in the smaller, intimate setting. I prefer watching live shows that way.. The album is on the shelf now, COP IT IMMEDIATELY!!!

Rihanna & Ciara Have It OUT On Twitter!!!

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Oh damn!!! Sh** got real on Twitter! Regardless of how Rihanna acted in person, it had NOTHING to do with fashion and nothing to do with the show… It was a slug, Rihanna saw it and went on the offense! I and any other public figure would have handled the situation the same way. They were talking about her outfit, we don’t need to know how she brushed passed u like the D lister you are Ciara…

Rihanna, way to read shawty!

Nicki Minaj Covers BlackBook Magazine!!!

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Jennifer Lopez Returns With “On The Floor” Ft PitBull!!!

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According to this week chart highlight from Billboard, Pop/R&B singer Jennifer Lopez will attempt to regain chart dominance with a No. 40 debut on the pop chart this Thursday (Feb. 24). The news comes on the heels of the forthcoming video premiere for her single “On The Floor” featuring rapper Pitbull, which will premiere March 3rd on

Lopez will face some stiff competition in her battle up charts as Bruno Mar’s “Grenade” holds the top spot and Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” sits at No. 6. The American Idol judge last chart in 2007 with the single “Do It Well,” which peaked at no.37. “On The Floor” will be Lopez’s eighteen single to make the chart.

In related news, “On The Floor” is already making waves on iTunes. The track jumped to No. 3 spot in the U.S. behind Gaga’s “Born This Way,” and Katy Perry’s “E.T.” and a head of Rihanna’s “S&M.”

“If every single one of you goes and downloads it…we’ll make a bigger splash than EVER!!! Thank you all for always standing by me,” Lopez wrote on Twitter earlier this week.

“On The Floor” has also claimed the No. 1 spot in Greece, France, Spain and Finland, which should help for a stirring jump next week on the pop charts.

Source: SingersRoom

I’ve always been in love with J-Lo! She’s on her way back, this track and “Good Hit” are gonna kill the clubs and radio. “Good Hit” is actually a better song. She’s still gorgeous, still hungry and a better singer now then she was 10 years ago. KILL IT J-LO!!!

Peep the track if you haven’t heard it yet: