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Rihanna, Unquestionably The Artist of 2011!!!

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“That Rihanna reign just don’t let up”, a prophecy that holds truer than ever as we reflect on the last year in the superstar’s record-breaking career. 2011 saw Rihanna continuing to sell millions upon millions of albums, receiving a flurry of prestigious awards, dominating the airwaves with her smash singles, gracing covers of magazines around the world, embarking on a massive international tour spanning over a hundred cities, lending her iconic brand to several billion dollar cooperation campaigns, and still managing to find time to record yet another album filled with a collection of songs that have Rihanna fans gitty with excitement as to what 2012 can only bring. Rihanna has become the rare form of pop star that has managed the seemingly impossible act of, not only maintaining, expanding her popularity and quality as the years of her reign accumulate.

Loud sold over 6,000,000 copies internationally propelled by it’s string of smash singles, acclaimed promotional performances, and critical praise. It is, to date, Rihanna’s fastest selling album to reach that sales bracket and the second best seller, of any artist, since it’s release. However, Rihanna was not about to milk the success dry from the project, and announced mid-year that she was working on her follow-up already. Talk That Talk was released worldwide in late November to an opening of over 500,000 copies sold — easily clearing her career biggest launch. Following, just two weeks later, Talk That Talk continued to break Rihanna records by becoming her fastest album to shift over a 1,000,000 units. Having sold a career total of over 26,000,000 albums bodes well with her retaining her lead as the most successful album’s artist since her debut over half a decade ago.

Source: RihannaDaily

Rihanna is unquestionably the artist of 2011, close race though, Adele really went in but Rihanna’s more popular, more in and put more hits on that chart this year! When will the Rihanna reign let up???


Rihanna Filming “Loud” Tour DVD, Orderd By Def Jam To Rest!

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Rihanna’s been going and going ever since she splashed on the scene with “Pon Da Replay” back in 2005. The it girl has released an album every year since her debut and has 11 Billboard #1 singles to show for it. Astounding but it’s the same self destructive pattern that almost tore Mariah Carey apart 10 years ago… 

She’s filming her “Loud” tour dvd this month and Def Jam has ordered her to REST! Def Jam doesn’t want it’s prized possession going to pieces. As a result, the promo for “Talk That Talk” is expected to be minimal and no tour is being planned.. Rihanna will take a 6 to 8 month hiatus when promotional efforts for the new album wrap. 

Riri’s reportedly been on the phone with Beyonce looking for advise and guidance on how to handle the work load. If you saw the tour dvd for “I Am”, you know how exhausted B was towards the end of the tour, crying and almost coming undone on camera.. Show business ain’t for weak people!

Rihanna Scraps Re-release, Will Drop New Album This Fall!!!

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Yes indeed! Def Jam green lit a re-release for the 4 times platinum “Loud” but Rihanna and the label have collectively decided to scrap all re-release plans and make all the music she’s been recording over the past year part of her 6th studio album, which is yet to be titled!

This album features production from StarGate, Kanye West, The Juggernauts and other big names. According to sources the album is about complete!

Rihanna’s on tour right now but don’t be surprised when the hair color changes, new promo pics surface and we start hearing a new single. It’s already September, expect new music and a revamped, refreshed Riri by halloween!!!


Rihanna “Cheers (Drink To That)”Official Video!!!

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I love it!!!!!! It’s all about her, the fans and the tour, the whole Rihanna concept, it’s beautiful!

Rihanna & J Cole Sex Tape Surfaces??

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Adult Entertainment Company, Hustler is claiming to be in possession of a Rihanna/JCole sex tape!!!

Rihanna and J have knocked down the rumors via Twitter but we’ll just have to see won’t we.. I need them to go ahead and go public with whatever is going on between them. J Cole’s career will change over night!!!

RollingStone Reviews Rihanna’s “Loud” Tour!!!

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Loud is the perfect name for Rihanna’s summer tour, which kicked off with last night’s sold-out gig at Baltimore’s 1st Mariner Arena.

Beyond just the volume of the show – which was considerable – the theme prevailed through the set, built around a giant speaker cabinet; the costumes (mostly neon and shiny); and the entire production itself: a gloriously over-the-top spectacle perfectly befitting the singer, who seems to produce chart-toppers by the dozen.

The show began with a blitzkrieg of video, as four hanging, shifting circular video screens joined four giant stationary ones is projecting Rihanna’s arrival. She wore an electric blue mini-trenchcoat and hot pink stilleto boots with neon green heels and immediately belted out her Number One hit, “Only Girl (In the World)” from her 2010 album, also titled Loud.

Visit and to view hundreds of fan pictures from the first show.

Before the audience could catch its breath, the singer had tossed the trench, revealing a day-glo bikini, picked up a gang of matching day-glo-covered back-up dancers and shifted directly into “Disturbia,” another Number One hit, this one from 2007′s Good Girl Gone Bad – and then seamlessly segued into another hit, 2007′s “Shut Up and Drive,” replete with back-up dancers dressed as crash-test dummies bashing a neon-graffiti-covered car with bats.

Over nearly two hours – a very long set for such a busy production – Rihanna maintained a relentless pace, working her way through 24 songs, six different wardrobes and endless set changes, all without any significant energy dip. The deft production included several built-in musical and video interludes – including a staggering number of guitar solos – to keep from going dark during the changes.

One of the most impressive spectacles was a very erotic S&M-themed mini-set, launched with a fairly faithful cover of Prince’s “Darling Nikki,” during which Rihanna, dressed in a tuxedo and toting a cane, spanked, groped and pretended to smack three nearly nude female dancers. By the time she had transitioned into Loud’s “S&M” – another Number One hit – Rihanna’s tux had been stripped off to reveal a white bondage corset and she was wearing handcuffs. Nearly nude men and a female audience member were added to the mix before the whole thing ended (cutely) in a pillow fight.

In a military-themed mini-set including 2009 hit “Hard,” Rihanna rode in atop a double-barreled pink tank that shot T-shirts into the crowd, flanked by sexy-soldier costumed dancers with pink rifles. When “Breakin’ Dishes” segued into “Glamorous Life,” the singer barreled to the back of the arena, where she rode a platform revealing Sheila E-style stand-up drums and played an impressive solo.

Soon, she was on to outfit six – a gold lamé mini-dress – and her encore, which moved from her Number One hit with Eminem, “Love the Way You Lie,” to her Number One hit with Jay-Z, “Umbrella.” It was understated compared to the rest of the show – with only a squadron of tuxedoed back-up dancers and a blizzard of pink confetti – but it was impressive that she was still singing and dancing at such a pace. It was a even more remarkable that there were still more huge hits left to play. She did each one proud.

Source: RollingStone

Sounds like she had a great first show, I still won’t be buying a ticket though LOL! I wish she’d take a note from new bestie Nicki and her tour mate Britney Spears and LIP SYNC FOR HER LIFE ::RuPaul voice::… No one wants to hear her sing these songs live!

B.o.B Joins Rihanna’s “Loud” Tour!!!

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So Bob, as I call him has officially been added to Rihanna’s “Loud” tour, which kicks off next week!

The show already features Cee-Lo Green and boyfriend, J Cole… Will I be going??? NAW, HELLNAW! I don’t f*** wit her live but I will shoutout a great album and that’s exactly what “Loud” is! If you dont’ have it COP IT IMMEDIATELY!!!